Management of Health Agencies

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This essay investigates the literature available on organization and development of health agencies. It seeks to answer specific questions related to the management of a clinical set up in “Sleepy Hollow Retirement Community and Nursing Center”. According to the literature available, the Chief Executive Officer of a health agency should work towards the satisfaction of both patients and their esteemed employees (Otter, 2009).

Professional negligence is a common occurrence in hospitals. In fact, statistics from the United States’ Centre for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that 20% of hospital mortalities result from inappropriate administration of drugs to patients and other related incidences of professional negligence. This should be the ideal focus of every executive officer. For instance, if family membersof the report that they saw a nurse pocket the patient’s drugs the executive officer should adequately investigate such claims. This should include performing drug titration on the patient’s blood to establish if indeed the patient took the appropriate drugs. However, this should preserve the respect and dignity of the medical personnel, especially before the patients (Otter, 2009).

In some instances, the executive officer may be faced with a range of questions regarding the status of healthcare provision in the hospital, like shortage of Respiratory Therapists. In such a case, the executive officer may require to obtain adequate information concerning the actual number of patients who seek respiratory therapy at a given time and the personnel available to attend to them. This will enable him or her to determine the actual deficit that needs to be corrected. Beesides, the executive officer may need information about the required equipment for effective respiratory therapy (Sherwin, 1992).

Concerning disagreements over medication given by medical personnel, I would call both parties involved so that they can sit together and engage in constructive discussions. Ideally, it is possible to that anyone would make such errors. However, conclusive discussions would enable the executive officer to know the accurate professional opinion. Nonetheless, such risks should be avoided by employing a clinical pharmacist to peruse all dozes of medication (Otter, 2009).

In conclusion, management and organization requires that the executive officer in charge takes firm but professional decisions. However, this should not be done in a way that humiliates the medical practitioners in front of their patients.

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