Management Information Systems Chapters 1 and 2 Quiz

Critical skills that AllRoad Parts need
1. Abstract Reasoning Skills
2. Systems thinking skills
3. Collaboration skills
4. Experimentation skills
Moore’s Law
The number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months
Future business professionals
need to be able to asses, evaluate, and apply emerging information technology to business
Any routine skill can and will be outsourced to the lowest bidder
Develop strong non-routine cognitive skills
Abstract Reasoning
Construct a model or representation
Systems Thinking
Model system components and show how components’ inputs and outputs relate to one another
Develop ideas and plans with others. Provide and receive critical feedback
Ability to Experiment
Create and test promising new alternatives, consistent with available resources
Systems Thinking
Ability to model system components, connect inputs and outputs among components to reflect structure and dynamics of system observed.
Goal of MIS
Managing IS to achieve business strategies
IS Management Key
Develop, Maintain, and Adapt
5 Components of an Information System
Hardware, Software, Data, Procedures, People
What the 5 component framwork interact to produce
Hardware, People
Software, Procedures
Moves work from human side to computer side
It is difficult to get humans to accept change in IS
Can you buy an IS?
NO. You can buy IT, rent, lease hardware, software and databases, and predesigned procedures
Information Technology
Drives development of new Information Systems
What is Information Technology
Products, Methods, Inventions, Standards
IT Components
Hardware, Software, Data
IS Components
Hardware, Software, Data, Procedures, People
What is information?
Knowledge derived from data, where data represents recorded facts or figures.
Data presented in a meaningful context.
Necessary Data Characteristics
Accurate, Timely, Relevant to context, Relevant to subject, Just sufficient, and Worth its Cost
Immanuel Kant
Categorical Imperative
Categorical Imperative
One should behave only in a way that one would want the behavior to be a universal law
Necessity to act in accordance with the categorical imperative
Perfect Duty
Behavior that must always be met
Imperfect Duty
Action that is praiseworthy, but not required according to categorical imperative
do-si-do move
moving away so another person can enter password privately
2 Key Characteristics of Collaboration
Two or more people working together to achieve a common goal.
Feedback and iteration.
Guidelines for Giving and Receiving Critical Feedback
Be specific.
Offer suggestions.
Avoid personal comments.
Strive for balance.
Question your emotions.
Do not dominate.
Demonstrate a commitment to the group.
3 Criteria for Successful Collaboration
Successful Outcome.
Growth in team capability over time.
Meaningful and satisfying experience.
4 Primary Purposes of Collaboration
Become informed.
Make decisions.
Solve problems.
Manage projects.
Solving Problems
Define the problem.
Identify alternative solutions.
Specify evaluation criteria.
Evaluate alternatives.
Select an alternative.
Implement solutions.
Managing Projects
Starting, Planning, Doing, Finalizing
Five Components of an IS for Collaboration
Hardware, Software, Data, Procedures, People
Synchronous Collaboration
Office applications, shared whiteboards
Asynchronous Collaboration
Email, Discussion forums, team surveys
Synchronous Colloaboration
Conference calls, Multiparty text chat, screen sharing, webinars, videoconferencing
Version Control
User activity limited by permissions
Document checkout
Version histories
Workflow control
Morality of an act determined by its outcome
Metadata for Project Management
Demonstrates your team practiced iteration and feedback
Egocentric Thinking
Centers on self.
“I’m right, everyone else is wrong.”
Empathetic Thinking
My view is one possible interpretation.
Take time to learn what others are thinking.
Take time to understand the problem as a system.
Requirements for Success Collaboration
Complete the work, on time, on budget.
Growth in team capability.
Meaningful and satisfying experience.
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