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Modulator-demodulator. A device that converts computer signals into sounds that can be transmitted (and received) across phone lines.
Digital conversion of one image into another. The term is an abbreviation of metamorphosis. True morphing is done with digital video sequences, where the computer modifies each frame until the image converts to a new form.
The combination of the four basic data types: text, sound, video, and images (animation). In its broadest definition, multimedia encompasses virtually any combination of data types. Today, it typically refers to the use of sound, text, and video clips in digitized form that are controlled by the computer user.
A feature of operating systems that enables you to run more than one task or application at the same time. Technically, they do not run at exactly the same time. The processor divides its time and works on several tasks at once.
Musical Instrument Data Interchange (MIDI)
A collection of standards that define how musical instruments communicate with each other. Sounds are stored by musical notation and are re-created by synthesizers that play the notes.
One-billionth of a second. Computer processors and memory chips operate at times measured in nanoseconds. One nanosecond compared to 1 second is the same as comparing 1 second to 31.7 years.
Natural language
A human language used for communication with other humans, as opposed to a computer programming language or some other artificial language created for limited communication.
Network interface card (NIC)
The communication card that plugs into a computer and attaches to the network communication medium. It translates computer commands into network messages and server commands.
Network operating system (NOS)
A special operating system installed on a file server, with portions loaded to the client machines. It enables the machines to communicate and share files.
Network service provider (NSP)
A high-level Internet service provider offering connections to ISPs. The NSP leases high-speed, high-capacity lines to handle the communication traffic from hundreds of ISPs.
Neural network
A collection of artificial neurons loosely designed to mimic the way the human brain operates. Especially useful for tasks that involve pattern recognition.

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