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From an economic perspective, however, Apple iPod product represents boundless opportunities for marketing campaign within flexible geographical boundaries. To an economist or strategic planner, it represents an area of dominant influence over markets in adjacent areas. This influence varies from one industry to another, but also from one period of time to another. The problem is that many companies are specialized on innovative products which are not appropriate for many types of printing, and the price of their services higher than in comparison with this device.Convenience is not the only reason customers will buy this device. New models of Apple iPod have high potential to occupy a niche in the market.

Successful promotion and advertising campaign will help the company to attract professional and home users target and increase sales in a year sustain strong market position and loyalty of customers. Target audience of Apple is female and male consumers from 18-45 years old. ‘Consumer’ behavior occurs where people act as purchasing agents guided by corporate procedures to acquire products and services for use by themselves and others in their won value-creating processes.The target audience consists of A, B, and C1 social-economic groups. Apple oriented on teenage audience and young people who are brand loyal and value good music. Positioning of Apple can be characterized by establishing trustworthiness, confidence, and competence for customers.

The core of the target audience is “generation Y” (www. apple. com). When product is standardized it becomes established for minimum quality and features, competition shifts to a greater emphasis on cost and service.

iPod marketing strategies are the broad approaches intend to adopt in the longer term to achieve its marketing objectives in accordance with its mar¬keting policies. New strategy will take into account increased competition. The blend of controllable marketing variables required producing the response wanted in the target market. The mix includes new products, prices, promotion, packaging, advertising, field sales and distribu¬tion. Internet services and Internet providers are another potential area for iPod. The management goals will be to penetrate all European countries in three years and double sales volumes in 4 years.

Pricing The market skimming pricing strategy will be part of a deliberate attempt to reach a market segment that is willing to pay a premium price for a particular product. Companies that seek competitive advantage by positioning their products in the premium segment frequently use market skimming. The skimming pricing strategy is appropriate in the introductory phase of the product life cycle when both production capacity and competition are limited. By setting a deliberately high price, demand is limited to innovators and early adopters who are willing and able to pay the price (Crawford 2003).For communication and advertising, Apple iPod will use integrated marketing communication strategy. To capture important brand insights, IMC planners are becoming involved at an earlier and more important stage in the overall strategic planning process.

For instance, improvements in sales data reporting has given media planners a source of stronger quantitative information that allows for direct media and regional sales matches. Many clients have developed incredible sophistication in tracking sales. When shared with members of the account team, these data can provide sales on a market-by-market basis (Crawford 2003).

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