Management by Menu Chapter 2

What are the highest cost percentages for both food & beverages and for labor that an operation can have in order to be successful?
Food & beverage 35% ; labor 30%
list two different factors the menu planner must know before writing the menu.
The menu planner should know the characteristics of the operation and the needs of the operation.
List two examples of the following classifications or segment of the total food service industry
a. Commercial operations – restaurants & lunch rooms
b. Institutional Feeding operations- school lunchrooms & workplace cafeterias
c. Health Service operations- Military, nursing homes
What is the primary goal or purpose of a Commercial food service operations
It sells food and beverages for profit.
What is the primary goal or purpose of an Institutional or non-commercial food service operation?
Operate food services in support of the actual purpose of the establishment
List 2 possible reasons alcohol sales are decreasing.
The cost of insurance dipped into alcohol sales;court decisions on 3rd party liability in serving alcohol;fines have increased insurance rates
Describe the concept of a lunchroom.
Main income comes from the midday period, may offer breakfast and dinner, are often single units with simple menus, may offer alcoholic beverages, and may also stress quick service.
List 2 characteristics of a family restaurant.
1. Cater to a casual trade
2. Emphasize food for the family;groups
3.Offer popular foods i.e. hamburgers,sandwiches, & specials
Describe the concept of a California Style menu.
Offers breakfasts,lunches,dinners,snacks, and other foods,all on one menu. Patrons get whatever they want 24/7.
What are “Dram shop” or “third party” laws?
Were established so that someone serving alcohol could be held responsible for the results; increased responsibility for damages & injuries related to alcohol sales.
Describe the concept of managed services.
When an operations’ major business is not food service and they want professionally ran and staffed food on site, they pay a contractor to run the foodservice operation.
List 2 examples of a retail host.
1. Department stores
2.Drug stores
Most have diversified food service
List 4 establishments that would use vending machines.
2.Retail stores
3.Colleges & univ.
4.Hospitals/nursing homes
List 3 items you would find in a vending machine, other than candy snacks and beverages.
1.Fresh foods
3.Dairy snacks
4.Casseroles & platters
What is the National school lunch program and what is it’s purpose?
Was established,1946, by USDA; distributes funds an surplus foods on the basis of the # and circumstances of the participating children/state
Purpose: 1)offer a market for agri. products 2) serve nutritional foods to school children at low or no cost
List 5 different health care services that require food service.
1.Nursing homes
2.Homes for the blind
3. Home for orphans
4. Homes for mentally/physically disabled
5.Long-term care facilities
What are “central commissaries” and explain how they operate.
Specialized kinds of food production operations used by chain & large food service operations to produce much of the food they sell. Foods are shipped to satellite units, reprocessed & served. Some school systems use the.
List 8 Forces of Change on the foodservice industry.
1. The Economy
2. The Social Pattern
3. The Labor Force
4.Healthful Foods
5.Employment Recruitment & Retainment
6. Government Regulations
7. Food Service Industry Trends
List 2 current food service trends in the 2013-2014
small plates tapas
local food supersedes organic

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