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Previous findings have suggested that human resource management practices and beliefs play important roles in the management of businesses today especially when it planning, recruiting and motivating employees to commit themselves for the organisation. Comes to issues of Therefore, there is a unique relationship between the human resource management practices and techniques employed by an organisation and its overall performance. Certain sets of human resource practices are critical for any organization and if they are not implemented, they will lead to poor performances.

These practices as discussed below are key to jumpstarting the organisation’s revenue and profit growth if well utilized. The essay will therefore outline the various practices and aspects of human resource management that makes it useful for an organisation to adopt them. It will by defining its specific functions and common applications benefits dwell on the various human resource activities through specific company illustrations. It will also discuss the contributions which human resource management offers in improving an organizations’ productivity level.

It will finally analyze the foundations of strategic human resource management with reference to organisational performance The human resource manager mostly is the head of the human resource department and has the task to carry out the examination of the employees’ discipline. Among the other roles of the human resource management department is staffing. A manager needs to know the needs of the organisation in relation to this. Their performance has to be high to ensure that the organisation is successful. Recently, there have been tremendous changes in the human resource sector.

Initially, it was just viewed as a department for ensuring that payments of employees are made and it was also bestowed with the task of hiring the employees but it later acquired diverse roles such as planning and industrial relations. Foundations of strategic human resource The main aspects of human resource strategies are; employee motivation and retention strategies, employee selection strategies and employee management strategies. This strategy if implemented simultaneously in an organisation creates a family-like community and environment in the organisation.

Human resource management in business terms is the coherent and strategic approach to the management of the working force of an organisation. It combines academic, social and business practices in the application of techniques to manage a particular workforce. These practices are designed to go inline with the company’s goals, objectives, vision and mission with specific emphasis on growth and development. An organisation needs to attract, maintain and also manage its employees effectively .

There is an assumption that employees are just business assets in an organisation, but human resource development professionals explain that, these employees have varying goals and needs in life which can be utilized by the organisation to meet its targets while assisting the individual persons succeed in their careers. The following are some of the core functions of human resource management in an organisation. • Workforce planning • Recruitment and staffing • Promoting industrial relations • Personnel development and performance monitoring • Workforce planning • Training, compensation and benefit management

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