Management and Organizational Behavior

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The internal database project was to strengthen the processing attributes to better processing functions to be implemented by the team. The lead project manager Mr. Lowes appointed four other team members that ranges from different departments, in order to provide a concise effort on the overall needs of the database. The organization had a timeline for delivery of the new updated internal system due in120 days. The corporation has over 11,000 employees both domestically and internationally that consists of a billion dollar assets size portfolio within a focused financial and services market capitalization.

The planning function for implementing software database project within the organization has a total of 12 specific departmental divisions – that presents an opportunity to evaluate the planning function within the context of risk management dealing with legal issues, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. The concerns raised by the team members expressed a sense to focusing on the particulars of their specific departments needs. The project manager Mr. Lowes felt that following the project scope by the stakeholder’s preferences was the correct method to follow.

However, the Jane and Todd of the project team went to Mr. Lowes to speak in privately about the

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specific concerns in accounting department. Mr. Lowes noted the concerns and decided to bring up those concerns in the next project team meeting. The project lead made concern was meeting the set goals of the stakeholders and targeted end-user consumer. The legalities that will impact the over project presented another concern to alert the project team to be aware of that is critical to the success of the project.

On the day of the project team meeting, the project manager, Mr. Lowes, rolled out the concerns of Jane and Todd that outlined the specifics on processing procedures needed to be implemented in the database. Mr. Lowes offered Jane and Todd to interject on providing the first hand experiences to the shortcomings of balancing, receivables, and posting screens. These limitations, according to Jane and Todd the request to focus mainly on the accounting department to focus on these issues are warranted for success.

Otherwise, according to Jane and Todd the accounting department, the rest of internal departments of sales, administrative, production, and marketing will not be able to accurately account actual related data. After Jane and Todd, the rest of the project team erupted about the other departments needed concerns and why accounting had to override these concerns. Mr. Lowes interjected by offering a spreadsheet that showed how the breakdown of information in accounting did in fact create many errors in the other departments of the organization.

As, Mr. Lowes continued to explained the redirection of the project, at first it seemed to be working in convincing that the accounting department was winning the argument. However, another team member named Bobby pulled out a diagram of the all the internal departments and actually showed how marketing majorly impacted the organizational operations. Bobby also provided more recent statistics how the CRM from sales and marketing is critical to relay back to accounting in making needed adjustments for accuracy.

Therefore, the need to focus on marketing and sales must be the main focus and model to implement for the new database. Analysis of the Scenario Case Presented The review of the scenario created a critically aspect that affected organizational behavior in a manner that presents real challenges. The means to formulate a strategic plan was the focus of Mr. Lowes that will motivate the team to work together in reaching the main goals of the scope; a well developed internal database. The impact associated with organizational behavior is the perception mechanism that creates friction and misunderstandings.

The fundamental focused on developing a more structured and focused organizational structure within the context of the project team is critical. The team members are at odds due to the conflicting interests to focus on specific new features in the proposed database. Therefore, the perception mechanism of the team members initially demonstrated that Jane and Todd concerns were going to be followed “before” the rest of the team could object. The reasoning by this is in the initial support of Mr.

Lowes presentation showing how Jane and Todd proved to being correctly and willingness to request stakeholders to back such redirection. The pursuit for a successful project when a project needs to be established that is outside of the normal functional operations due to conflict the project management plays an imperative role towards resolution. The efforts of the three “C” are communication, cooperation, and coordination that all work together in a profound approach to create a coalition with the project team members and senior management.

The three “C” are to provide the means in allowing discussion of the primary needs of the project to function in positive environment. Therefore, the needed technology to improve the internal database systems is essential to staying on the same page of the overall project scope and in line with the industry. The concerns raised by the team members are imperative for the organization to succeed in the marketplace. The marketing, sales, and accounting team plays a pivotal role in sustaining major clientele through lead systems integrator and information technology.

The IT services the project scope provides the systems integration and training for employees, however, the limitations of departments concerns can hinder projections. Therefore, the project team need to provide the coalition required for successful implementation in the sales, marketing, accounting and other internal departments. The platforms are in the pursuit of business interests and the decision to establish a project team – that explores a new device technology that will enhance the speed and calculation of previous system integration will enhance the brand equity of the organization’s targeted market.

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