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Volunteering as a leader or manager to an organization such the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America requires one to offer his/her time or skill for a particular purpose. In this paper I would like to provide an example from the Boys Scouts of America. The Boys Scouts of America is a nonprofit making organization that relies on volunteers to implement its programs. It deals with l youth by mentoring them to be responsible, caring, and competent citizens. The volunteers come from all type of skill and educational level.

These include plumbers, lawyers, homemakers, teachers, doctors, janitors, and scientists’ as well as any other professional experience. The activities include leadership roles such as cub master, den leader, pack committee, function committees and parent helpers (The Boy Scouts of America) These roles constitute different levels of experience, commitment and challenges. For instance cub master is responsible for emceeing the monthly pack meetings, planning, carrying and coordinating of pack programs and with the helps of the den leader.

The den leader is responsible for coordinating the den’s contribution to the monthly pack meeting and conducts weekly meetings for small group of youths. The pack committee coordinates major events and

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secures support for the pack as well as works with the Cub master to plan and carry out the pack program. In addition, Function Committee are responsible for other activities like organizing special-purpose events that require more planning and coordination such as food drive scouting, pinewood derby, blue and gold banquet, pack graduation, or field day.

Lastly, Parent Helpers are required when there is need for extra help such as supervision at a field day event or supporting other leaders. (The Boy Scouts of America) The benefits and challenges of volunteering to this organization are enormous. The Boy Scouts of America illustrates some of the benefits you could learn by volunteering in the organization. These include: developing parenting skills where one learns how to relate with youth and inspire them. From this 90 percent agreed with this fact.

Secondly the opportunity the youth develop their ethical and moral character standards by emulating the volunteers who act as role models. The volunteers in turn are made aware of improving on their own ethical and moral decision making roles such as being honest and trustworthy. Third, volunteers agree that the opportunity in which they are exposed in management and leadership as well as experience on achieving goals. They make them carry on to their professional expertise hence improving their expertise in leadership and management (The Boy Scouts of America).

Fourth, volunteering exposure teaches both the youth and adults to live by the Outdoor Code which has made them environment conscious and improve conservation skills. Fifth, the scouting volunteering experience enhances one’s chances and willingness to volunteer for further community service like in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Sixth the experience has given a number of volunteers the sense of community service thereby becoming better citizens. It is also important to know that volunteering as a leader makes one to improve his/her communication skills it also provides physical fitness and enjoyment (The Boy Scouts of America).

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