Management and Leadership

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The terms “Management” and “Leadership” is very much interlinked and forms a crucial part in today’s modern business scenario. But, not all managers can be great leaders. Only a few can be called a leader. At this juncture it is worth to identify the difference between a manager and a leader. Both the manager and a leader are capable of managing skills. They both have the insight and foresight to handle situations and manpower. They both think strategically and execute systematically. Their competence is hardly ever questioned. But a manager may not lead a team.

Maybe, he is just a one man show. But what makes the manger a great leader is that the leader; inspires, lead from the front, set examples and face the challenges along with his team members. Alexander the Great, Gandhi and General Patton is just a few who had motivated people and inspired them to face all the odds and reach the desired destination. The corporate world has also its share of great leaders. Warren Buffet, Lee Iacocca, Jack Welch, Alfred Sloan, Bill Gates and Ted Turner have pioneered in their field of work and have created great organizations by their leadership skills.

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style="text-align: justify">“Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World” by Bateman – Snell To note a few differences between a Leader and a Manager, we can have following points to ponder: 1. Managers avoid any risk and take calculated steps, whereas a Leader will love to take risk based on his intuition and belief Management and Leadership 2 2. Managers prefer to follow the rule of the company, but leaders will create the rule and demand the very best 3. Managers prefer to control the manpower, but a leader will inspire 4. Managers are prone to reactions, whereas, a leader will act proactively

5. A managers will plan, but a leader will think of something different and will innovate 6. A manger will instruct his team members, but a leader will mentor his people A manger is a follower of the rule and abides by the company norms, but a leader will create his rule and not necessarily follow the regular norms. The leader is always in search for something different, some revolutionary ideas to attain success and fame. But, one must remember, that a leader requires some great managers, who can control and execute the vision and mission of the leader.

Hence, in the modern era of business we require a great leader to initiate the project and efficient managers to execute them. But can we make a good manager in to a great leader. The answer is “Yes”. We can train a person to be a leader. It is not necessary that the person is a born-leader. “Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World” by Bateman – Snell But, what a leader definitely requires are: 1. Drive: The leader need to be self motivated for a high level of achievement, a constant endeavor for improvement, lot energy and tenacity and ambition to be the best

2. Leadership motivation: The attitude to lead and the power to influence others for achieving a vision and mission 3. Integrity: Honesty and credibility are a very important trait is a leader, as it inspires the trust in others Management and Leadership 3 4. Self-confidence: The successful leader is always confident about himself no matter what ever may be the situation and result 5. Knowledge of the business: Lastly the leader must have high level of knowledge of the industry, the business and how it can be efficiently run

“Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World” by Bateman – Snell Whatever may be the qualities of a great leader and an efficient manager, both should have the ability to control and coordinate the organization, in order to attain the desired result. The two most important aspect of maintaining a healthy organizational culture, through effective leadership and management are: 1. Motivate and mentor the team to execute the best in them 2. Analyze and correct the adverse situations, through strategic and practical approach

Each and every situation has a different way of approach to resolve it. Some require motivation, some desire inspiration; some might require reprimand and correction, whereas some might demand patience. It is the role of the manager and leader to analyze and differentiate each situation and approach it accordingly. The leader needs to put him in the shoes of his followers and understand the pains and trouble they go through and then only he can motivate and inspire them to achieve the desired goal.

What Gandhi did during the freedom movement of India, or what Martin Luther King did for the American civil rights movements are what great leaders do win the confidence of their people and lead them to do the unthinkable! For a leader like Jack Welch of General Electric Co. management is all about “You have to go along with a can of fertilizer in one hand and water in the other and constantly throw both on the flowers. If they grow, you have a beautiful garden. If they don’t, you cut them out. ” Always aspire for the best to get the best results and you will be a successful leader.


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