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Statement of Purpose I have completed my Bachelors of Technology In Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, , India (). I am seeking a position in your organization In order to enhance my skills and practical experience, while being resourceful and Innovative. I have worked hard in my undergraduate studies, striking a balance between compulsory courses like Fluid Mechanics, Process Equipment Design, Process Control and Instrumentation, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, related wet lab courses and supervised research under the guidance of Ads (Associate

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, ) & Dry AK Golden (Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, ITS). My Bachelor Thesis Project was on Absorption of heavy metals to purify Industrial effluents under the guidance of Dry. Achaean Ads (Associate Professor, Dept. Of Chemical Eng. , ITS) and Dry. AK Golden (Associate Professor, Dept. Of Chemical Engineering, ITS). When I look back now, I realize the role of an Inspiring mentor In a student’s life.

Dry. Ads and Dry. Glider gave me a whole new direction to explore my research skills and the interest in reading research articles while doing my undergraduate courses in mainstream Chemical Engineering. After graduation I Joined Sandal Steel and Power Ltd as a Project Engineer where I practiced what I learnt during my educational life. Post completion of one year, I joined SPIN Put. Ltd. As an Assistant Manager.

I choose this as apart from technical skills, I also wanted to gain a good understanding about the business processes and its various elements. While working there my interest became more focused towards managerial skills. It was there where I decided to go for my higher education In Masters In Management as managerial knowledge Vial a reputed and esteemed university will help me to learn a wider scope of business management skills which was missing in my technical career.

In my education thus far, I have been actively involved in sports and co-curricular activities including making manual robot, organized Rock-o-Phonic for three consecutive years (2008, 2009 ; 2010) and represented IT-Kuwaiti in Inter IT sports meet in Football which has helped me to develop upon simplicity in approach, patience, team work, confidence, loyalty, ability to manage loads of stress and adaptability. To work using the in-hand knowledge and Indigenous creativity multitudinously is my biggest asset.

Education I believe Is not just excelling In courses that we take and cracking their exams but a continuous process of development and self-realization. Not Just asking “what to do’ or “how to do” but “who am l” and “what Is my purpose” too. My long term career goals are to become socially responsible individual and to get the dream If given the opportunity of pursuing the graduate study in field of management I would be getting involved in a project that will help me grow intellectually and professionally and result in useful outcomes.

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