Management A Practical Introduction. Chapter 9 & 12

Understanding current employees needs
To plan for future you must understand the present, what today staffing picture looks like
Job Description
Summarize what the job does why he or she does it.
Job Specification
Describes the minimum qualifications a person must have to perform the job successfully
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission whose job is to enforce antidiscrimination and other employment related laws
When people hired or promoted or denied for reason not relevant to the job
Sexual Harassment
Consists of unwanted sexual attention that create an adverse work environment
The process of locating and attracting qualified applicants for jobs open in the organization
Internal Recruiting
Making people already employed by organization aware of Job opening
External Recruiting
Attracting Job applicants from outside the organization
Job Posting
Placing information about Job vacancies and qualifications on bulletin boards in newsletter and the organizations intranet
Realistic Job Preview
Give a candidate a picture of both positive and negative features of a Job and organization before he or she is hired
Selection Process
The screening process of Job applicants to hire the best candidate
Employment Test
Legally considered to consist of any procedure used in the employment selection decision process
Ability Test
Measure physical abilities, strength, stamina, and clerical abilities
Performance Test
Measure performance on actual job task
Personality Test
Measure such personality traits as adjustment, energy, sociability, independence and need for achievement
Has three parts 1)wages it salary
Base pay
Consists of the basic wage or salary paid employees in exchange for doing their job
Additional non-monetary form of compensation
To induce employees to be more productive or to attract and retain top performance
Moving an employee to a higher level position
Mallow Hierarchy of Needs
Refer to gallery
ERG Theory
Assume that three basic needs influence behavior -existence relatedness and growth
E- The desire for psychological and material well-being
R-desire to hve meaningful relationship with policy who are significant to us
G-the desire to grow as humanbeings and to use our abilities to their fullest potential
Equity Theory
Focuses on employees perceptions as to how fairly they think they are being treated compared to others
Expectancy Theory
Suggest that people are motivated by two things 1)how much they want something
2)how likely they think they are to get it
Job Design
1)The division of an organization work among it’s employees and 2)the application of motivational theories to job to increase satisfaction and performance
Job Simplification
The process of reducing the number of task a worker perfoms
Job Enlargement
Consist of increasing the number of task in a Job to increase variety and motivation
Job Enrichment
Consist of building into a Job such motivating factors as responsibility achievement recognition stimulating work and advancement
Sales Commission
Sales representative are paid a percentage of the earnings the company made from their sales
Piece Rate
In which employees are paid according to how much output they produce
Are cash rewards. Given to employees. Who achieve specific performance objective
Pay for Performance
Bases pay in one’s results management
Assessment center
Management candidate participate in activities for a few days while being assessed by evaluators
The psychological process that arouse and direct goal directed behavior
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