Management: A Focus on Leaders, Chapter 1

Being a Leader
Know your values, make good decisions, know how to think analytically, build strong, trusting relationships, develop your self-awareness, understand and manage your own and others emotions, emotional intellegence
An individual who makes plans, organized and controls people, production
a person who is out in front, influencing and inspiring people to follow.
Managers Views
Control resources, problem solvers, seek efficiency, comfortable with order, seek compromises, identify goals that arise out of necessity.
Leaders Views
Create and provide resources through motivation, function well in chaotic environments, seek solutions that do not require compromise, identify goals that arise out of desire and inspire strong emotions.
Earlier Leadership Studies
Personal characteristics, physical intellectual and psychological traits, behaviors and styles, and ability to adapt ones approach to a particular situation.
Recent Leadership Studies
Focus on leadership competencies, emotional intelligence, ethics and the responsible use of power and self awarness
Non responsive or indifferent to their leaders.
Not engaged in the life of the organization.
Actively engaged in the organization and make an effort to support and impact the organization.
Feel more strongly about their organizations and leaders than participate and act accordingly.
Passionate about an idea, a person, or both and will give all for them.
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