Management 3013 ch. 2 Viewpoints

classical viewpoint
emphasized finding ways to manage work more efficiently
scientific viewpoint
emphasized the scientific study of work methods to improve productivity of individual learner
-taylor and gilbreth
administrative viewpoint
concerned with managing the total organization
behavioral viewpoint
emphasis on importance of understanding human behavior and motivating and encouraging employees towards achievement
human relations movement
proposed better HR could increase worker productivity
quantitative viewpoint
applies quantitative techniques to management
management science
focuses on using math to aid in problem solving and decision making
operations management
focuses on managing the production and delivery of an organizations products more effectively
systems viewpoint
regards the organization of interrelated parts that operate together to achieve a common purpose
contingency view point
emphasizes that a manager’s approach should vary according to the individual and environmental situation
qulaity-management viewpoint
1. quality control- minimizing errors by managing each state of production
-walter shewart
2. quality assurance- focuses on performance of workers, urging employees to strive for “zero defects”
3. total quality management- comprehensive approach dedicated to continuous faulty improvement, training, and customer satisfaction
– w. edwards deming
-joseph m. juran
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