The policies, practices, and systems that influence employees’ behavior, attitudes, and performance constitute:
human resource management.
The concept of “human resource management” implies that employees:
are resources who add economic value to the organization
As a type of resource, human capital refers to the:
employee characteristics that add economic value to the organization.
The term _____ is used to describe the employees of an organization in terms of their training, experience, judgment, intelligence, relationships, and insight.
human capital
One of the qualities of human resources is that
it is indispensable for building a competitive advantage
Human resources provide an organization with a sustainable competitive advantage because:
high-quality employees provide a needed service as they perform many critical functions.
Which one of the following responsibilities is specifically associated with the HR function of employee relations?
Conducting attitude surveys
Which of the following responsibilities is specifically associated with the HR function of support for strategy?
Human resource planning and forecasting
Which of the following refers to the process of getting detailed information about jobs?
Job analysis
job design is the process of
defining the way work will be performed and the tasks that a given job requires.
At Smartech, a company dealing in software products
Analysis and design of work
Which of the following is responsible for the shift in the job trend, from the use of narrowly defined jobs to the use of broadly defined jobs in organizations?
Emphasis on innovation and quality
Which of the following refers to the process through which an organization seeks applicants for potential employment?
The process by which the organization attempts to identify applicants with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics that will help the organization achieve its goals is referred to as
is a planned effort to enable employees to learn job-related knowledge, skills, and behavior.
The HR function of _____ involves acquiring knowledge, skills, and behavior that improve employees’ ability to meet the challenges of a variety of new or existing jobs, including the client and customer demands of those jobs.
f a company, as part of its job redesign program, plans to set up teams to manufacture products, which of the following programs might it offer to help employees learn the ins and outs of effective teamwork?
The process of ensuring that employees’ activities and outputs match the organization’s goals is called _____.
performance management
The employees at Edifice Financials often complain that they are not provided feedback on their performance
performance management
Which of the following HR functions includes preparing and distributing employee handbooks that detail company policies and, in large organizations, company publications such as a monthly newsletter or a Web site on the organization’s intranet?
maintaining positive employee relations
When employees of an organization feel they have been discriminated against, see safety hazards, or have other problems and are dissatisfied with their supervisor’s response, they may turn to the HR department for help. Addressing such problems suitably is part of the HR function of:
maintaining positive employee relations
The HR function of maintaining positive employee relations primarily includes:
maintaining communication with union representatives.
How does establishing and administering policies help organizations?
It allows companies to handle situations fairly and objectively
_____ refers to the use of quantitative tools and scientific methods to analyze data from human resource databases and other sources to make evidence-based decisions that support business goals
Workforce analytics
Under the principle of “employment at will”, the employer may terminate employment:
at any time without notice
evidence based HR is defined as the
demonstrating that human resource practices have a positive influence on the company’s profits or key stakeholders.
The process of identifying the numbers and types of employees the organization will require in order to meet its objectives is known as:
human resource planning
The process that helps the human resource department to forecast the organization’s needs for hiring, training, reassigning employees along with handling or avoiding layoffs is known as _____.
human resource planning
_____ is a systematic, planned effort to attract, retain, develop, and motivate highly skilled employees and managers.
talent management
An organization’s ability to profit without depleting its resources, including employees, natural resources, and the support of the surrounding community is called _____.
The parties with an interest in the company’s success—typically, shareholders, the community, customers, and employees—constitute the _____ of a company.
Which of the following is true of sustainable organizations?
They are more concerned about justice and fairness rather than short-term profits.
In the role of a cultural steward, an HR manager primarily:
facilitates change and helps to build and strengthen the culture
As a _____, the HR manager should know the ways that people join the organization and move to different positions within it.
talent manager
At the most basic level, HR managers fulfilling the role of _____, carry out particular HR functions such as handling the selection, training, or compensation of employees.
operational executors
Which of the following statements is true about HR responsibilities of supervisors?
Supervisors typically have responsibilities related to all the HR functions
Which of the following is true of ethics in human resource management?
Many ethical issues in the workplace involve human resource management.
Which of the following views on employment reflects the ethical principles embodied in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights?
HR managers must view employees as having basic rights.
Which one of Kant’s basic human rights is violated when a supervisor requires an employee to do something that is unsafe or environmentally damaging, in spite of the employee clearly objecting to the order?
Right of freedom of conscience
People’s right of privacy is the right to:
control what they reveal about their private life.
By keeping employees’ personal records confidential, an employer respects their right of:
People’s right to freedom of speech is the right to:
criticize an organization’s ethics if they do so in good conscience.
If people believe their rights are being violated, they have the right to a fair and impartial hearing. This reflects the basic human right to:
freedom of conscience.
Which of the following is a standard that human resource managers must satisfy for HRM practices to be ethical?
Human resource practices must result in the greatest good for the largest number of people.
Which of the following statements is true about the HR profession?
HR generalists usually perform the full range of HRM activities.

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