Man Is Born Worker Essay

Man is born worker. He has to conflict against the forces of nature to do his life on this Earth less hard. If he lives under terrible climatic conditions. he works difficult to get the better of them. He is capable of working really hard. but he can non work continuously for long. He needs remainder to comfort and soothe his tired nervousnesss and musculuss.

At the terminal of a day’s work. we need some clip to review the head and the organic structure. We need to prosecute ourselves in visible radiation and interesting title. While taking leisure clip activist we should choose one that is different from our usual work. It is indispensable to give proper exercising to all the parts of our organic structure. every bit good as. our head.

A manual worker should make such work during his leisure that entertains the head. Those who do encephalon work should pass their leisure in interests that give exercising to their organic structures. A balance between the mental and physical labor is indispensable for wellness and felicity.

We should ne’er stay idle. After completing our day’s work. we should prosecute ourselves in a avocation. An idle encephalon will ever believe of mischievousness. Furthermore. idling is harmful to our wellness. It makes us lazy. Night affords ample remainder. Too much of slumber and remainder disturb the normal map of the organic structure.

Games are first-class interest. They refresh and give exercising to our organic structure and head. The exhilaration of games makes us bury about attentions and concerns of life. They give exercising to our limbs. Team games teach us how to work together with full cooperation to accomplish a common end.

We entertain ourselves with assorted avocations. such as skating. picture taking. picture. horticulture. games. cookery. baking and even walking. Everyone should take a avocation that suits his profession. Leisure should be usefully employed to review one ego. It should supply diversion to the organic structure and the head.

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