Male Homosexual Discrimination In Taiwan Sociology Essay Essay

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When it comes to sapphic, homosexual, bisexual, transgender ( LGBT ) rights, Taiwan is in front of the curve in comparing to other Asiatic states. It is besides the closest to deriving full acknowledgment of homosexual rights. In 2003, during President Chen Shui-Bian ‘s disposal, the executive subdivision of the Republic of China authorities proposed statute law to let same-sex matrimony under the Human Rights Basic Law, but no action was taken upon the proposal by Taiwan ‘s legislative assembly and cabinet members ; it has been idle since. When former President, Ma Ying-Jeou was functioning as the city manager of Taipei in 2006, he attended a homosexual rights consciousness and said that, “ homosexualism is a natural phenomenon that can non be suppressed off nor dispersed beyond its natural bounds. Gay rights are a portion of human rights. ” He remained soundless on the homosexualism issue since he became President in 2008. The Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP ) conducted a study in 2011 saying that male homophiles make up less than 10 per centum of Taiwan ‘s population. However, even with the per centum of male homophiles in Taiwan being so little, the favoritism of them has become a serious job. It is taking an increasing figure of male homophiles to perpetrate self-destruction and develop mental unwellnesss. “ A large-scale study of cheery work forces and tribades in Taiwan has suggested that about one in five has attempted to take their ain lives ” ( Edmund Broch ) . However, the favoritism of people with other sexual orientations such as tribades, bisexuals, and transgender are non every bit serious as cheery work forces. Peoples in Taiwan know apart male homosexualism for several grounds such as stereotypes and societal norms. This paper will be discoursing about the causes and effects of male homosexual favoritism in Taiwan and a proposal for a possible solution to this issue.

There are many grounds why people are against male homophiles in Taiwan. We are populating in a clip where societal norms have been and ever will be continuously challenged in one manner or the other, particularly when it plays a large function in the favoritism of male homophiles which leads to people being stereotyped about this affair. Homosexuality was ne’er taught in school and it was normal to see people of the opposite sex being intimate with each other. But when it comes to homophiles, it is out of the ordinary things to make because of societal norms. Rules that regulate societal life are presided over by functions of people in society, which is work forces get marrieding adult females and frailty versa. It goes against the norms of society when regulations are being violated. In Taiwan, many male homophiles are being looked down upon and some people even find them gross outing with the idea that they might hold AIDS or are less worthy than work forces who are directly. It is ethically incorrect how people can be judgmental and take societal norms earnestly without holding an apprehensible thought of how homosexualism originates.

Back so male homosexualism was a more sensitive subject in Taiwan than it is today. The media had hardly written or said anything supportive about male homosexualism, really few films, soap operas, or books would advert about male homophiles every bit good. It is different today- male homophiles are going more unfastened about their sexual orientation, and there are a few films, novels, and soap operas that talks about homosexualism in general. In October 29, 2011, there was a cheery parade in Taipei, Taiwan with more than 50,000 people it was their 9th one-year event and was one of Asia ‘s biggest homosexual parades. The authorities got involved as Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP ) presidential campaigner, Tsai Ing Wen spoke up for the favoritism against homophiles. Unfortunately, a jurisprudence was n’t established for homosexual matrimony because many others are non able to accept.

Articles and intelligence studies being published in Taiwan about male homophiles are largely negative things, which include male homophiles caught making drugs, HIV positive patients that are male homophiles, and male homosexual house parties, besides known as “ homepa. ” In 2004, 93 homosexual work forces in Taipei were arrested and caught at a private binge party, ( besides known as “ homepa ” ) utilizing drugs. It shocked many people in Taiwan when studies came out that tierce of the cheery work forces were HIV positive. The information that the media publishes about male homophiles brainwashes people and their positions on male homophiles believing that they are disgusting and incorrect. It is dry how male homophiles who are famous persons in Taiwan acquire less discriminated by society compared to ordinary male homophiles.

Religion is besides one of the biggest grounds why people are against homophiles in Taiwan. The biggest faith is Buddhism and it says that worlds are born to love the opposite sex and homosexualism is non allowed. Because many people are Buddhist, including some homophiles, they still acquire looked down upon and non accepted by many people.

It is besides difficult for parents to accept that their childs are cheery because that means they wo n’t be able to hold kids. Back in the yearss, adult females who ca n’t reproduce were useless and now it applies to males who are homosexuals.

Male homosexual favoritism has minor and major effects that pester the lives of male homophiles in Taiwan. One of the biggest effects on male homophiles is mental unwellness. Many of them suffer depression and stop up cutting themselves or perpetrating self-destructions. They have many wellness issues and it ‘s all due to the favoritisms they have to set up with.

We are all human existences no affair what our sexual orientation is.

Sometimes, being homosexual is n’t a pick it is something that ‘s familial, or been developed during birth every bit good as being affected through one ‘s childhood and there is nil incorrect with that. God still loves us no affair what and people and society should besides accept male homophiles merely like how they are more willing to accept tribades.

There are besides a few possible solutions to this affair ; the first 1 is societal media responses to films, Television shows, soap operas, magazines, and famous persons. Positions on male homophiles have changed after a few films such as, Pair of Love ( 2010 ) , 15: The Movie ( 2003 ) , Broke Back Mountain ( 2005 ) were filmed by Chinese managers. It opened up a new chance for people to be more unfastened about this sort of subject. It would be helpful if more managers in Taiwan movies positive and supportive films or soap operas about male homophiles. If more male homophiles can be published in newspapers about the positive things they have contributed to this universe, so people would hold a whole different position on male homophiles in Taiwan. Last but non least, famous persons has a large consequence on the society in Taiwan, and if cheery famous persons can be unfastened and talk up for their sexual orientation, so it would do a large difference every bit good, because Chinese are really speedy to judge and many of them look up to famous persons. It is a tendency to follow what the societal media undertakings to people, because most of what it shows or says brainwashes people and the manner they think and see things. If the societal media can project positive feedbacks about the homosexual community or demo how the favoritism of male homophiles in Taiwan is impacting male homophiles, it could do a large difference. There is a really few figure of homosexual famous persons who are non ashamed to allow the populace know about their relationship with other people and finally people think it ‘s all right but at the same clip still experience slightly aghast by these people. Another possible solution can be the authorities, which will do a large difference to the society by set uping a jurisprudence of equity and leting cheery matrimony in Taiwan by following the Basic Human Rights Law. Schools can besides do a difference by educating kids about the favoritism of male homophiles and how people are all equal and should n’t look down on homosexuals. Last but no least, churches and temples should do an act and assist male homophiles who are invariably being discriminated.

In decision, the figure of male homophiles being unfastened about their sexual orientation is increasing, every bit good as the figure of cheery work forces who are developing mental unwellnesss and perpetrating self-destruction. This issue has become a important issue in Taiwan and there are several possible ways to cover with this job. By the aid of the authorities, schools, instruction, and societal media, we can alter the manner people think about male homosexualism and alter the lives of male homophiles, because we are all equal and holding a different sexual orientation does n’t do us any different in the eyes of God.

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