Making Friends On The Internet

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Nevertheless, making friends through the Internet have its pros and cons too. Now, fast forward a few years, making friends may no longer be a problem. The Internet affords us the opportunity to communicate not only with people who are conveniently close by but also with those who might be thousands of miles away in another continent. We can make friends of different races and cultures and this can expose us to a new language, culture and beliefs.

Throughout the history of communications, I find that using the Internet is the fastest of all until now. Sending a letter is a waste of time as the Internet only needs a few minutes to make a friend. By the way, it is all too easy to make a friend through the Internet now. Thus, we do not need to write letters anymore and furthermore waiting for a letter Is always wasting time. Moreover, we can also communicate with many people at the same time by using the Internet.

This Is far more cheaper than using the telephone. It helps to save a lot of money and precious time. Nowadays, we have the chance to see and talk to the people In the same time In the Internet by using the web cam. We can also receive pictures from our friends In the Internet In an easy and fast way. Many people find that this Is very Interesting and more convenient than sending pictures through the letter. In spite of that, making friends through the Internet also have Its troubles.

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