Making a successful presentation

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ust speak however you are most comfortable. That way you will sound confident. Try to go as slow as possible, then. Hopefully, you will balance out to a nice pace. Pacing is about context and situation. You need to use your judgment based on the content. What are filler words? Filler words are basically what you use In translational from one topic to another. For example, ‘That leads us to the next point… ‘ or ‘which raises another Issue. ‘ Filler words are words that have no real meaning and add nothing to your speech, such as ‘like’ or ‘mum. ‘

Filler words are anything you use to keep the audience engaged, but that don’t actually add to the content of your speech. When should start my preparation? As soon as possible. You don’t want to wait until the last minute. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you get some time to go over your speaking notes before the speech. Try to prepare as close to the actual speech as possible, so that you don’t forget anything. Sometimes, I have a hard time sleeping before a speech. Do you think that is a problem? Drink some coffee before the

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speech to wake yourself up, and you will be

As long as you sound confident, it won’t matter if you are a little tired. It’s very important to be well-rested before speaking. You want to be at the top of your game. I have been making a list of my common speaking problems. Does that sound like a good idea? Of course, this will help you avoid those errors. A better idea is to write a list of things not to do on your speaking notes. Then you have them right in front of you as you speak! Being aware of your flaws is great, but you need to visualize yourself giving a successful speech.

Don’t think about failing. What is the best sort of topic to talk about for someone who doesn’t like public speaking? Pick one that your audience is familiar with so that they are interested. Pick one that you care about so that you will actually WANT to talk about it. It doesn’t matter; once you are comfortable speaking publicly, you can talk about What if I get to the day of the speech and have another panic attack? Try using some basic relaxation techniques to calm yourself down. Keep yourself busy so that you do not have time to panic.

What matters most is that your audience believes you are confident – so if you do have another attack, Just do not let it show! Assessment B: Critiquing Presentations Summarize your critique of the presentation and provide the senator with constructive feedback. Senator, Make sure you have all the correct information you need on key cards. Stay focused. Get a good nights rest and the most important is that you see yourself successful not failing. If you still feel a little anxious before speaking use some relaxation techniques.

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