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1. 1: Describe the different characteristics of telephone systems and how to utilize them. Modern telephone systems offer a assortment of characteristics. Some are indispensable communicating tools ; other characteristics that people will probably utilize on a more discretional footing. One common and often used characteristic of today’s telephone systems is voice mail. If you can’t take am incoming call. voice mail allows companies to record messages which you can entree at your convenience. An auto-attendant characteristic. utile for concerns. consists of a centralized recorded message to recognize companies and direct their calls to the right Numberss. You can utilize a phone systems conference – naming characteristic to let a figure of people to take part in a call at the same clip. Each system allows different Numberss of people to take part. and all remain on the call until they hang up. Telephone systems offer assorted characteristics for pull offing incoming calls. one utile characteristic is call transportation. which allows me to reassign calls from my figure to another figure.

Another much used characteristic is call keeping if you are on the phone and have an entrance call. you can set the first call on clasp and go to to the 2nd call. One more characteristic within the trust is call mute/secrecy. with allows me to muffle the call so that the individual on the other terminal of the phone can’t hear what I’m discussing. which helps with confidentiality because they can’t hear client or patient information. 1. 2: Give grounds for placing the intent of a call before doing it. It is of import to place the characteristics of the call before doing it because when I make the call I will sound professional and in control. Besides I can hold information with me which I might necessitate and I can fix inquiries to inquire and to acquire the necessary inside informations which I may necessitate. so that you would non blow my clip and the other individuals clip. There is no point in communicating something to person if you’re non certain of how to pass on it do certain you to the full understand what to state before doing the call. you do non desire to be on the phone and acquire all confused. In add-on it is good to place the intent of a call because I can acquire directly to the point of the conversation and non speak about things that have no relevancy to the conversation at all.

1. 3: Describe different ways of obtaining the names and Numberss of people that need to be contacted. Within the trust they are many different ways to obtain the names and Numberss of people that you need to reach. One manner is to utilize the telephone directories on the staff intranet ; you can type the names or the section of the individual to happen their Numberss. Another manner to happen a figure is to inquire another co-worker if they know it. besides inquiring your foreman is a good manner to happening out Numberss of other people throughout the trust. On the other manus as a last resort you could travel up to the individual and inquire them direct. and from my experience inquiring the individual seems to be the best pick.

1. 4: Describe how to utilize a telephone system to do contact with people inside and outside an administration. Within the trust they are many ways in which to reach people that work within the trust and people outside of the trust. For reaching people within the trust many people merely dial the extension figure of the individual they wish to talk to. nevertheless if the extension figure is non known I would so seek to happen their figure on to telephone directory so name. If this doesn’t aid either I would so pealing the infirmary patchboard and inquire to be put through to the individual that I require. On the other manus when reaching person from outside the trust. when dialling their Numberss I would hold to set a 9 in forepart of the figure so I can reach an outside line. If it was another infirmary trust or a trust administration ( walk in Centre ) and I didn’t cognize the figure I would travel through the infirmary patchboard and inquire to be but through. nevertheless sometimes the infirmary patchboard doesn’t know the figure. so if I have entree to a computing machine I could look up the figure of the topographic point that I need to reach.

1. 5: Explain the intent of giving a positive image of ego and ain administration. On the telephone. people will judge the individual replying by the manner that they ask and behave on the phone. hence impacting the image of the trust that the individual on the line will acquire. So the individual replying the call must be polite. efficient and professional. this means opening the call with the criterion salutation and shuting the call in the appropriate mode. besides holding a pleasant but concern – like mode. by listening to the company and inquiring appropriate inquiries and utilizing words and phrases that can be understood. By making this shows the individual on the terminal of the phone that I am a professional individual and therefore gives the feeling that the trust is professional topographic point besides. 1. 6: Explain the intent of summering the results of a telephone conversation before stoping the call. When speaking to person for rather a long clip on the phone. particularly if you are discoursing assorted options. it is easy to lose path of what was decided or agreed. By summering the result of phone conversation overcomes this because you can summarize what you have written done to do certain that it’s correct and if you have missed something it is easier to add it in now instead than subsequently.

Besides by summering it makes certain that you haven’t missed any of import points or inquiries. so that you don’t have to pealing the individual back to later to inquire one or two inquiries. 1. 7: Describe how to place jobs and who to mention them to. They are many ways to place jobs. nevertheless some jobs are easier to happen than others. For illustration if they is bad connexion or distorted sound. this could intend that the wire in the dorsum of the phone is loose. which is easy for me to repair. On the other manus if the job is more serious for illustration a broken wire connexion or noise on the line I would hold to pealing the estates section and petition for person to come and look at the jobs on the phone line and wires. 1. 8: Describe administration construction and communicating channels within an administration. Organizational construction has a direct impact on the communicating within the trust. The manner the concatenation of bid of the trust is designed either invites feedback. open-mindedness and effectual communicating or knees. controls and restricts the ability to freely show ideas. feelings and thoughts.

Different types of organisational constructions are put in topographic point for different types of state of affairss. A type of organisational construction is a level construction that encourages an “open-door policy” in which the members of the trust hold merely as much say as the CEO in supplying feedback and sentiment. Without construction. there’s no counsel or boundaries for the members of the trust to run within. When either the communicating or construction is out of topographic point. it will weaken and use force per unit area to the other. Within the trust the lines of communicating is cascaded down throughout the organisation. for illustration the executives would hold a meeting to discourse alterations. so they would garner the divisional directors who would in bend tell the departmental directors so they would present the determination or alterations to the squad members within the groups involved.

1. 9: Describe how to follow organizational processs when doing a telephone call. Within the trust they are many different processs when doing a telephone call. For illustration when booking a patient for an assignment or scan. you need the patients inside informations ( Date of birth. Name ) before you make the call so that you can make it fast and salvage clip. However when doing a telephone everyone in the trust. doesn’t affair if they are the CEO or a porter. everyone has to state when doing a call ‘who they are’ and ‘what section they are from’ if this is non used people won’t cognize who is naming them.

1. 10: Explain how to describe telephone system mistakes.

When describing telephone system mistakes within the trust. it will be easier to be exact about the job foremost earlier pealing up to describe it. The clearer the information I can supply. the quicker the job can be fixed. The estates section is the first point of contact for describing all types of mistakes. nevertheless the estates help desk staff are improbable to be applied scientists themselves. and they need to take the relevant information and base on balls the mistakes to the right applied scientists. After describing the mistake take the person’s name and do certain you have a mention figure. for future mention. in instance of hold. or if the mistake reoccurs. Outcome 2: Understand how to have and reassign telephone calls.

2. 1: Describe how to place companies and their demands.

When placing companies and their demands. foremost you need to listen to what the company is stating so that you understand what they want from you. so you would inquire appropriate inquiries to happen out more information besides place appropriate options to run into the customer’s needs so hold with the company a suited manner frontward so that you can place the individual or section more suitable to cover with their demands or enquires. 2. 2: Explain the intent of giving accurate and up to day of the month information to companies. 2. 3: Explain the intent of confidentiality and security when covering with companies 2. 4: Describe the types of information that could impact confidentially and security and how to manage these. 2. 5: Describe ways of placing the appropriate individual to whom a call is transferred. 2. 6: Describe the information to be given when reassigning calls or go forthing messages. 2. 7: Describe how to place jobs and who to mention them to. 2. 8: Describe how to follow organizational processs when having a telephone call. 2. 9: Explain how to describe telephone system mistakes.

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