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The first adult male was perfect. Made in the image of God and similitude ( Genesis 1:26 ) . Image in this instance can non mention to the organic structure ; God is a spirit while adult male is earthly. Image here would intend the Godhead attributes that God endued adult male with. dividing world from other animate beings. Short gives six God like qualities that adult male posses. These are linguistic communication. creativeness rational ability. rule over the Earth. love sanctity. immortality and freedom ( 5 ) . Some of these properties are arguably non possible without including the organic structure in the image.

Man stands apart from all other life animals because of his relationship with God. Grudem gives five facets of our similitude to God. These facets of human being shows adult male to be more like God than the remainder of creative activity. The facets are: • Moral facet: Human has an interior sense of right and incorrect that set him portion from animate beings. • Religious facets: Man’s religious lives enable him to associate to God as individuals. to pray and hear him talking his word to him. • Mental facet: adult male has the ability to ground and believe logically.

• Relational facet: despite the fact that animate being excessively relate to each other. the deepness of interpersonal harmoniousness in human dealingss ; in matrimony. church is much greater and map in conformity to God’s rules. • Man’s great self-respect as carriers of God’s image. Despite the fact that adult male is in the image of God. God has no the physical signifier but is a spirit. B ) Similarities and differences between the Gods and worlds. harmonizing to the Iliad Greek Gods are non religious existences but are anthropomorphous. They resemble human existences and tend to move in human ways.

They portray human emotions. virtuousnesss and frailties. They farther are organized into godly household. which imitates the patriarchate of human society. Iliad Gods are much concerned with human personal businesss. Many goddesses would copulate with human existences. sire kids who would prefer them in times of war. The Iliad presents an action on two planes. the human and the Godhead. The Gods serves to stress the restriction of adult male. his short life. and the ultimate meaningless of human personal businesss. Work cited Short J. R. The image of God. Viewed on 09/07/10 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www.

answersingenesis. org/creation/v4/i1/man. asphttp: //www. answersingenesis. org/creation/v4/i1/man. asp Dunkle R. authoritative beginning of western civilization. Viewed on 09/07/2010 from hypertext transfer protocol: //ablemedia. com/ctcweb/netshots/homer. htm Grudem. W. the Uniqueness of Human Beings: “In the Image of God viewed on 9/7/10 from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. creationbc. org/index. php? option=com_content & A ; view=article & A ; id=131 & A ; Itemid=5 Question 2: What is the compact? ( Gen: 12 and 15 ) The compact refers to the Abraham compact. Abraham is told to go forth his people. take his married woman and move to Canaan.

The compact found in Genesis 12:1-3 reads: “and I will do you a great state. and I will bless you. and do your name great and you shall be a approval: And I will bless them that bless you. and cuss them that expletive you: and in you all households of the Earth are blessed. ” Abraham would have the seven physical approvals merely if he would obey God. States in Abraham twenty-four hours would be blessed through Abraham. The compact has four basic commissariats. these are: • Special favour with God. • Land proviso • Special favour to Abrahams physical offspring’s. and.

• Special favour to Abraham’s religious seeds Relationship between Abraham Covenant and Mosaic Ten Commands of Exodus 20 The Mosaic Law was a bilateral compact made specifically for Israel to regulate her life in the Promised Land. From the Abrahamic compact. Israel was a chosen state. an instrument through which God would bless all other states. Yhwh was her Theocratic male monarch to govern and steer the state to her fate. protect the state from pollution and taints by other states hence fulfill the God’s intended intent.

The Mosaic state was therefore instituted to direct Israel as a state in all domains of her life- morally. socially. politically. economically and sacredly. Work cited Grudem. W. the Uniqueness of Human Beings: “In the on 9/7/10 from Image of God viewed hypertext transfer protocols: //www. creationbc. org/index. php? option=com_content & A ; view=article & A ; id=131 & A ; Itemid=5 Keathley H. j The Mosaic Law. Viewed on 09/07/10 from hypertext transfer protocol: //bible. org/article/mosaic-law-its-function-and-purpose-new-testament Question 3 The beginning of immorality and human enduring harmonizing to:

• Hebrew scriptures Harmonizing to Rhodes. immorality is something that is non an being of its ain: it instead is corruptness of that which already exists. It is absence or want of something good ( 3 ) . Evil exist either as natural immorality or moral immorality. Moral immorality is evil that we human existences originate: cruel. unfair. barbarous and perverse ideas and workss. Natural immorality is evil that originates independently human actions: in disease. temblors. storms. drouths etc. In Gen1:31. the original creative activity was really good. No wickedness. no evil and no decease.

The bend down semen after Adam and Eve choose to utilize their God given free will and violently chose to disobey him. Created in the image of God. adult male was given the hazardous gift of free will. Based on the above fact. it would be right to reason that God had the possible for immorality. when he bestowed upon adult male the freedom of pick but the beginning of evil came s consequence of man’s who disobeyed God for his ain selfish personal desires. • Sayings of Buddha Harmonizing to Buddha. craving is the root cause of all human agony. To him hungering is the cardinal immorality that decreased life into a package of painful desperation.

Equally long as there were delicious and enjoyable things. the craving would prevail. Craving takes root in the sense. in the oculus. in the ear. in the olfactory organ. in the lingua in the head and in the organic structure. Sensuous hungering causes accretion of present and future agony. These accumulated hungering so leads people to assorted signifier of struggles and wrangles or wicked Acts of the Apostless like stealing robbery or scoring other men’s married womans which consequences in deathly hurting or decease ( the baronial truth of the beginning of enduring ) . • Hesiod in Works and Days Harmonizing to Hesiod. Gods maintain secretes of an easy life off from work forces.

From Hesiod’s work. Prometheus was able to snap the gift of fire from adult male. cabbaging it from the Gods ; this enraged Zeus who vowed to cuss work forces. He sent the evil seductress Pandora them “all gifts” like diseases. hurting and immorality. Hesiod believes that all adult females are wily. jiggling traps to take work forces to devastation. God maintain work forces helpless. work forces so live lives of labor to avoid famishment. Work cited Rhodes. R. Notes on the Problem of Evil. Viewed on 09/07/10 from hypertext transfer protocol: //ldolphin. org/evil. html Question 4 Meanings of the Hebrew words for prophesier The common word for prophesier in Hebrew is nabi and intending spokesman.

Other Hebrew words associated with prophetic figures are hozeh and ro’eh. both intending some one that sees. Nabi and Hozeh are close equivalent word. The functions a prophesier filled during the period of the Hebrew Kingdom. from Saul to the expatriate and return from Babylon Prophets played an of import function in Israel political life. In the monarchy and rise to power of Saul. Samuel played an of import function in the determination and action. Samuel was at the frontline in the assignment of David ( 1sam 8-12 ; 15-16 ) . Even Prophetss who had a strong load to rectify false spiritual pattern like Hosea addressed political issues strongly.

Nebiims would be consulted about the hereafter. They were powerful to bless or cuss. like in the Moabite prophesier Balaam illustrates ( nun 22 ) . Nebiims would besides execute marvelous or symbolic Acts of the Apostless like ; Showing unusual power over nature ( 1 Kgs 17:1-8. 41-46 ) . Feeding people by marvelous agencies ( 1 Kgs 17:8-16 ; 2 Kgs 4:1-7 ; 4:38-44 ) . Mending people ( 2 Kgs 5:1-19 ) or doing others to fall ailment ( 2 Kgs 5:20-27 ) . Rising the dead ( 1 Kgs 17:17-24 ; 2 Kgs 4:8-37 ) and Performing other marvelous and/or symbolic actions ( 1 Kgs 18 ; 2 Kgs 6 )

“Prophet’s reward” in Old Testament times In the Old Testament times. each prophesier had to go through through hurting of rejection. self uncertainty. persecution. and finally exoneration merely after the flowering of history validates their prophetic vocalizations. Jeremiah. after many old ages of warning his people of unidentified evil coming from north. wearied by the non fulfilment of his prognostications. even his household members plotted against him to take his life in order to hush him.

Differences between visions and messages of the Prophetss Prophet in the bible were non were non chiefly foretellers. they in add-on seeing would knock the present incorrect making. unfairness. subjugation. and rich. epicurean worship while the hapless starved. Amos. for case looked at the hereafter frequently to warn. He warned against noncompliance and its reverberations. Bible dictionary: Nebiims. viewed on 11/07/10 from file: ///C: /Documents % 20and % 20Settings/User/Desktop/prophets. htm

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