Macbeth Study Guide: Act V

Explain in detail how each of the witches’ apparitions for Macbeth come true in the end.
1st- armoured head: fear Macduff. saying Macduff is going to be his.
2nd- bloody child: “fear no man born of women” but Macduff was born of a c-section (from stomach).
3rd- child holding a tree: says “don’t be afraid till Durnamain Wood picks up itself up and moves to Dunsandane”.

Describe Lady Macbeth’s behavior in Act V scene i. What do we later learn happens to her?
She’s sleep walking. She’s walking and doing stuff she doesn’t know what she’s doing because she is asleep.

How is Macbeth killed? Who kills him?
Macduff kills him in a fight.

Think back to the events of the entire play. What role does supernatural play in the actions of the play?
wild storms, chimney fallings, and screams in the night.

The witches- do you think the witches are responsible for Macbeth’s actions? Did they really have influence over him, or did he act entirely of free will?
yes. encouraged him, but wasn’t fully responsible.

Nature responds to evil deeds. The animals act strangely, the day turns dark as night, the owl eats the falcon… What effect does all of this have on the mood of the play?
It shows disorder and chaos. It relates humans to qualities at animals such as snakes.

What is Lady Macbeth doing in Act V scene 1?
She is sleep walking and washing blood off her hands.

How is she behaving?
strange and guilty

Who is the Thane of Fife? What happened to his wife?
Macduff. Macbeth killed his wife.

What does Lady Macbeth say about her hands in Act V scene 1?
She can’t wash the smell of blood off.

What does the doctor think of Lady Macbeth’s behavior?
That she cannot be cured and it’s a disease of the mind.

What comparison is made of Macbeth early in Act V scene 2? (Simile)
He is like a midget in a robe for a giant.

What is happening at the end of scene 2?
Macbeth war in Scotland. Macduff war in England.

What does Macbeth say at the beginning of scene 3 to show the witches have tricked Macbeth?
he tells the servants not to worry and repeats what the witches says.

How is Macbeth behaving in scene 3?

How do the English soldiers conceal themselves in scene 4?
break off tree branches from Birnman Wood.

Why does Macbeth become fearful in scene 5?
the forest was moving.

What does Macbeth say about life in scene 5 after learning Lady Macbeth is dead? (metaphors)
life is nothing but an illusion.

Why is Siward not more distraught over the death of his son?
his son died heroically, like a man.

How have the witches tricked Macbeth?
the apparitions and how they came true.

Who kills Macbeth?

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