M BUS 390 Ethics Management

Definition- Consequentialism—> Utilitarianism
The right action depends on Consequences. Utilitarianism=the greatest happiness for the most people.
Definition- Deontology
Deon=Duty. Right actions depends upon universal principle. Lying is never right because it treats others as means to an end.
Definition- Virtue Ethics
Morality depends on becoming a person who embodies virtues. courage, justice, charity. Lying may be right if it reflects the virtues
Definition- Contract Theory
Everybody agree to rules that allow all to live in a beneficial society. Lying Is generally wrong because you can’t trust
Definition- Ethics of Care
We have special obligations to those closest to us, and to the vulnerable. Lying may be right if it protects those we care most about.
Two main laws to protect unethical acts

– Sarbanes-Oxley (after Enron)
Two Ethics Programs Approaches
-Compliance-based ethics programs
-Integrity-based ethics programs

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