Luigi Sacco’s Flash Cards

Some elements achieve stable electron configurations through the
transfer of ___________ between atoms.
Is the following sentence true or false? An ion is an atom that has a net positive or negative electric charge.
An ion with a negative charge is called a(n)
An ionic bond forms when _________ are transferred
from one atom to another.
Describe a covalent bond.
A covalent bond is a chemical bond in which two atoms share
a pair of valence electrons.
Describe a molecule
A molecule is a neutral group of atoms that are joined together by one
or more covalent bonds.
Is the following sentence true or false? In a covalent bond, the atoms
are held together by the attractions between the shared electrons
and the protons in each nucleus.
Describe a polar covalent bond.
A polar covalent bond is a covalent bond in which electrons
are not shared equally
Circle the letter of the word that describes a compound made from
only two elements.
What type of alloy is used to make airplane parts that need to be extremely lightweight?
An aluminum-magenesium alloy
Is the following sentence true or false? A chemical equation must
be balanced in order to show that mass is conserved during a
Circle the letter of the name given to the numbers that appear
before the formulas in a chemical equation.
Chemists use a counting unit called a(n) ___________ to
measure amounts of a substance because chemical reactions often
involve large numbers of small particles.
Is the following sentence true or false? A decomposition reaction is
the opposite of a synthesis reaction.
The law of conservation of mass states that mass is…
neither created nor destroyed in a chemical reaction.
A Synthesis reaction is a reaction in which…
two or more substances react from a single substance.
A decomposition reaction is a reaction in which…
a compound breaks down into two or more simpler substances.
A single-replacement reaction is a reaction in which…
one element takes the place of another element in a compund.
A double-replacement compound is one in which…
two different compunds exchange positive ions and form two new compunds.
True or false?
exothermic: release energy (down)
endothermic: absorb energy (up)
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