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Taking a brief expression on the economic development in Europe up to the twelvemonth 2008 reveals high GDP growing rates and reminds us about the times of prosperity that we about all so nostalgically recall. But Austrian Airlines have ne’er seen any roar in grosss. net incomes and the figure of transported riders. This alone is a ground for large concern as air hoses have ne’er been a counter-cyclical concern. If the company is unable to prolong itself in the times of prosperity what loss will they transport in the books in the times of economic downswing?

Finding a powerful strategic spouse seems like inevitable for the Austrian company. In 2008 Austrian Airlines was the 11th biggest air hoses in Europe with 10. 7 million riders and 2. 5ˆ billion in grosss. On the other side Lufthansa has 7 times more riders and makes 10 times more money in grosss. Puting these two classs into relation shows how company? s size creates legion benefits. peculiarly fiscal 1s. In 2008 Austrian Airlines had gross of 233ˆ per rider while Lufthansa attained 357ˆ per rider.

Now it is obvious how size affairs and that synergisms create great cost-cutting potency and increase profitableness. If Lufthansa manages to convey Austrian Airlines to its ain degree of profitableness they would hold EBIT of 140ˆ million if the disbursals and rider figure stay on 2008 degrees. Not to advert the strategic benefits of this acquisition. and likely Lufthansa? s ability to do usage of synergy effects i. e. to cut costs and sell even more flight tickets thanks to wide-spread gross revenues offices all over the universe.

Geting Austrian Airlines proves as lucrative for a Lufthansa if they transform the company and as a good trade for current stockholders who can number on even more losingss if Austrian Airlines decide to prosecute stand-alone scheme which means that they will finally lose all the capital they put up. This simple analysis show why did consolidation moving ridge in air hoses industry pick up on velocity. It truly seems that chief undertaking for bearers is to acquire large as fast as they can or to confront with a death of their concern.

Immediate recapitalization of Austrian Airlines in the sum of 500ˆ million merely supports supra statement as even the biggest European air hose would be unable to cover such a immense accumulated loss if it weren? T for the aid of the Austrian authorities and the European Union. Lufthansa plans to take advantage of the Austrian Airlines? geographic location and their know-how and expertness in CEE and Middle East. After the autumn of communism in Europe Austria has played a important function as a gateway to Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Austrian Airlines took its concern one measure further and established new nucleus market in the Middle East. For an international company like Lufthansa Austrian Airlines represents a basis in the enlargement towards Middle Eastern and Asiatic markets. Austrian Airlines is a first mover in CEE and Middle East and a market leader with 61 finishs in the part whose expertness in the Eastern markets will be of a great usage 1s Lufthansa decides to travel East more sharply as Austrian Airlines will portion their nucleus competency with the group.

Cuting overlapping flights and optimisation of its articulation offer and gross revenues activities will better Austrian Airlines concern activity right off. Further development of Austrian? s successful hub system at Vienna airdrome will besides convey positive effects in the long tally. Since Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines are old spouses within the model of the Star Alliance and they know each other really good integrating in the Lufthansa Group should play out without major obstructions.

Companies cooperated within the context of a bilateral joint venture for Austrian-German flight traffic every bit good as in the of import foreign markets of Switzerland and Brussels. Even their proficient services have been collaborating closely and that is besides one of the grounds why Austrian executives have trust in Lufthansa and why did they take precisely Lufthansa among 12 initial bidders. Companies expect to be able to work extended synergisms and measure these to amount to 40ˆ million in cost nest eggs and extra grosss.

Apart from all this. Lufthansa has assured Austrian Airlines that they will be granted extended liberty within the group and that they will continue their Austrian individuality which stands for quality and Austrian cordial reception. Vienna will stay the hub of all flight operations. so that Austria will go on to have really good international flight connexions. Its cardinal place in the bosom of Europe made it easier for Lufthansa to allow them autonomy. No major retrenchment of the fleet is planned which would be unthinkable if they wanted to prosecute stand-alone scheme.

On an organisational degree. Austrian Airlines will run as a net income centre within the Lufthansa Group what represents a great inducement to acquire out of the ruddy once and for all. As a portion of Lufthansa Group Austrian Airlines will easier protect its place on the market if the recession hits the economic system in 2009 because smaller bearers which are non supported by a strong corporate parent will fight with deficient resources and worsening rider Numberss. As it will shortly go evident. Austrian Airlines stockholders. particularly Republic of Austria. will subscribe a great trade if dealing returns.

Keeping independency among the group. runing under its distinguishing individuality while bettering quality and profitableness of its services sounds about unbelievable for the company which could declare bankruptcy if it weren? T for its strategic spouse. Sing current state of affairs both sides could gain from the dealing. Furthermore. the integrating in the Lufthansa Group will supply Austrian Airlines with entree to new rider flows and enable them to more efficaciously construct up international trade name consciousness and be Austrian embassador all over the universe which will beef up their concern theoretical account.

Lufthansa? s worldwide presence. their size. buttonholing power and relationship with gasolene Sellerss will be of great aid to Austrian Airlines. In the visible radiation of the black economic chance for 2009 Austrian Airlines can concentrate on their nucleus concern cognizing that Lufthansa watches their dorsum. This scheme could work good as Austrian Airlines received legion awards in 2008 including the alleged “Oscars” of the industry and a first topographic point ranking as the best air hose in Europe harmonizing to a study carried out by “Capital” magazine. Austrian Airlines have a dependability rate of over 99. % and is among top five most punctual bearers in Europe and could better Lufthansa? s concern theoretical account excessively by sharing their expertness.

A to the full restructured Austrian Airlines will be forced to go a booming member of the Lufthansa Group once the company is cognizant that the Republic of Austria will non endorse them up if anything goes down the drain. Refering a history of common cooperation between Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines executives in charge demand to be peculiarly careful to avoid accusals of conflicting self-interest as these may originate due to shut ties between two companies.

Since there were 11 other bidders at the start and Lufthansa was chosen in the terminal both parties need to be adequately informed about all facts relevant to this dealing so that they can clearly explicate why is this dealing unarguably the best possible solution for both sides. Sing that Lufthansa is taking over a company which made immense losingss in the past old ages and whose balance sheet reveals equity ratio of merely 11 % ( which is shocking even for a bank ) strategic principle demands to be explained clearly and briefly together with all hereafter advantages because otherwise person could believe acquisition is wholly irrational.

Even after the restructuring assistance Austrian Airlines will stay extremely indebted and Lufthansa? s executives have to warrant their logical thinking by sketching benefits. Transaction Overview After subscribing initial understandings ( CA ; LOI ) which provide a foundation for any farther stairss. Framework Agreement is frequently cited in the implicit in Voluntary Public Offer. Basic agreements between parties should be outlined in the missive of purpose and so one time more stipulated in the Framework Agreement.

The implicit in Voluntary Public Takeover offer stipulates conditions case in point which are to be fulfilled before shutting. From that ground they all represent possible deal-breakers since there is a possibility that some of them will non be fulfilled. Harmonizing to Framework Agreement an extraordinary stockholders meeting will be called merely before the shutting of the Share Purchase Agreement so that recapitalization can be authorized. new supervisory board appointed and articles of association amended.

In order to extenuate any negative impact of information escape on the dealing Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines had signed a confidentiality understanding. Both parties are obliged to utilize confidential information merely for the intents of the on-going dealing and will non unwrap any information to the 3rd parties in order non to convey any company in an unfavourable place. Letter of purpose is a 2nd of import papers signed which outlines Lufthansa? purposes and give an overview of the basic dealing. purchase monetary value. determines break-up fee and division of costs incurred every bit good as tribunal under which legal power any differences will be solved. For Lufthansa it is of utmost importance to include an sole dealing clause so that Austrian Airlines obliges to negociate merely with Lufthansa and no 1 else at the clip. Since Lufthansa plans to take over a company in an highly bad form it would be inappropriate of Austrian Airlines non to convey in all their energy and concentrate to shut the trade.

Letter of purpose demands to include inside informations about a interest purchase and subsequent compulsory public offer. The inside informations of the purchase monetary value ( maximal 4. 49ˆ per portion ) should besides be included i. e. the monetary value paid for the 41. 56 % of portions held by Osterreichische Industrieholding AG which includes the inside informations on the earn-out option ( under which conditions will Lufthansa pay an sum of up to 162ˆ million depending on Austrian Airlines? future economic public presentation and on the outperformance of the Lufthansa? s portion monetary value ) .

It should besides qualify the conditions of the offer given to a minor stockholders so that Lufthansa holds at least 75 % of the lasting vote portions ( without consideration of the exchequer portions ) in Austrian Airlines after the terminal of the initial credence period. Lufhansa? s purpose to to the full take over Austrian Airlines should be clearly pointed out peculiarly their want to get 90 % of all portions so that they can establish a squeeze-out. The of import conditions case in point should be included in the Letter of Intent.

Blessing by the competent antimonopoly governments in the European Union and other states should be right off designated as “conditio sine qua non” . Approval of the restructuring assistance is besides deemed as highly of import and it should be stipulated in the Letter of Intent as 500ˆ million granted by the province of Austria and the European Union are perfectly necessary to counterbalance for the negative stockholder value of Austrian Airlines and do Lufthansa willing to take them over. Recapitalization will besides farther thin the free float stockholders doing it easier for Lufthansa to establish a squeeze-out process.

Letter of purpose should besides set up who bears the break-up cost in the instance of a regulative disapproval. This is seen as one of the major hazard since Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines partially operate the same lines and consolidation would take to a farther concentration of power. Considering negative fiscal consequences of the Austrian Airlines missive of purpose should already include frame of the future executive construction while unequivocal understanding should include exact top-management construction in the Austrian Airlines which will ease integrating in the Lufthansa group and bend around the profitableness.

Since Shareholders Agreement of Austrian Airlines mob had already dealt with issue it might be a spot cumbrous renegociating it. Letter of purpose should besides province that Lufthansa has no purpose whatsoever to level Austrian Airlines i. e. that trade name. central offices and path web prefering Austrian national involvements will be kept. Lufthansa should seek to avoid the affair of employment until the really terminal ( concluding understanding ) so that they are non bound by pre-signed clauses once they negotiate the concluding contract because restructuring of the Austrian Airlines is necessary by all agencies.

Sing that Lufthansa is the biggest European air hose company it the blessing of antimonopoly governments will non come swimmingly. Second status case in point. blessing of 500ˆ million is non deemed every bit debatable as this pay-out coincides with Austrian national involvements to continue a national bearer which serves its involvement. ( Besides it wouldn? Ts make about any sense for the European Union to allow the acquisition but rejects the aid. ) Acquiring Austrian Airlines will merely increase Lufthansa? s size and market power.

Keeping such a dominant place could motivate mistreating it e. g. by bear downing unjust monetary values or declining to introduce. This horizontal understanding will set competition in an unfavourable place but on the other manus Lufthansa can reason that consolidation in the European air hose industry is inevitable. However. lone consolidation will guarantee endurance of the European air hoses in the long tally. disconnected market construction leaves them susceptible to either bankruptcy or coup d’etat by Asiatic od American air hoses who are fortuitously by jurisprudence non allowed to be major stockholders.

Since ordinance is the existent obstruction to consolidation confederations in Europe prevail. Unfavorable circumstance is besides the fact that at the clip of this pending dealing Lufthansa bought a large ball of Brussels Air. The regulators will surely non like that. Like in any trade representations and guarantees play an of import function as they typically make up the largest portion of the portion purchase understanding. They have an informational. protective and supportive function in the dealing. Austrian Airline? epresentations and guarantees. coupled with the Lufthansa’s due diligence. enable Lufthansa to larn every bit much as possible about the concern prior to subscribing the unequivocal acquisition understanding. Second. they are protective. This is important for Lufthansa who acquires extremely indebted company which value without reconstituting assistance is negative. The seller’s representations and guarantees provide mechanism for the Lufthansa to step back or perchance to renegociate the footings of acquisition.

The 2nd major characteristic of amalgamation the understanding is the inclusion of assorted pre-closing compacts. or promises to make something or non make something during the period between the sign language of the acquisition understanding and the shutting. Generally. compacts should be absolute and Lufthansa? s end is that none stuff alterations take topographic point until the shutting and that concern status does non worsen in any regard because if such events took topographic point it would intend that they overpaid.

The logical thinking behind the damages is the same. One should stress the importance of reps and guarantees associating to fiscal statements ( conformity with accounting criterions ) . revenue enhancements and employees ( director contracts. rupture footings and compensations ) and no pending judicial proceedings which breech would certainly endanger the envisaged dealing. The function of all above named commissariats is risk minimisation and these proviso should besides move as an inducement for a just dealing.

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