LS – 17 Management Functions and Principles

Explain the concepts of efficiency and effectiveness as they relate to management.
Management: the process of getting things done effectively & efficiently through and with other people
o Effectiveness: accomplishing the mission
o Efficiency: minimizing resource costs
Identify the four basic management functions.
1. Planning
2. Organizing
3. Leading
4. Controlling
•These functions flow into each other in a continuous loop process with planning at one and controlling at four going back into planning
Differentiate between the three primary roles of managers.
1. Interpersonal: figurehead, leader, liaison
2. Informational: monitor, disseminator, spokesperson
3. Decisional: entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator
Explain the universality of the manager’s job.
manager is a universal job – every organization needs one
The principles, techniques, functions, and skills transfer over to another time or place
Identify examples of general and specific managerial skills 1
• General
o Conceptual: Mental ability to coordinate interest/activities
o Interpersonal: understand, mentor, motivate others
o Technical: Use tools, procedures, techniques
o Political: build power base & est. connections
Identify examples of general and specific managerial skills 2
• Specific (behaviors of effectiveness)
o Controlling organizational environment/resources
o Organizing & coordinating
o Handling information
o Provide growth & development
o Motivate & handle conflicts
o Strategic problem solving
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