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What does this word remind u of? You’re past girlfriend? You’re parent’s? I bet everybody in this room has their own target. The word LOVE is really complicated, it is sometimes defined as a feeling or maybe an action, but what does love really do? And how does love reflect the book of WE? Love played an important role in the book of we, it made the book rolling on developing feelings and leading to the ending. With the help of the relationship between D-503, 0-90 and 1-330, and also their actions caused the book to be successful.

Samizdat wanted to use the help of D-503, 0-90 ND 1-330 to bring out a triangular love relationship and to comment on the effects of this relationship. And through the novel “We” to what extent does Samizdat presented lust and love? Triangular Love Relationship is a tough and unstable relationship, for your information I have never had one and I’m guessing nobody in this room had tried it, and luckily through the novel “We” we could acknowledge how does a triangular relationship hang on and maybe how tough it feels.

D-503 was truly in love with 0-90 in Chapters 1-2 and nothing could move the feeling towards 0-90 of D-503. Until D-503 met 1-330, everything changed and D-503 himself said “The effect of that woman on me was as unpleasant as a displaced irrational number that has accidental crept into an equation. ” From the quote, we can see that D-503 thinks that the entrance of 1-330 could have ruin relationship of 0-90 and him. Even himself could not have thought 1-330 could have influence so much throughout the novel, but his feelings from chapter 2 was completely correct.

In a male perspective, a triangular love has no problems since most men would like to enjoy that intensity and love comparing from the two partners he owns. Although it is mean to do so, most men would still have a unspeakable triangular love relationship. In a female perspective, a triangular love relationship is intolerable to a female it symbolizes a meaning of betrayal to them. Since a female would put in more energy and education to the relationship comparing with a man, but at the end the level of being hurt is higher than what man gets.

Therefore females would disagree towards the triangular love relationship. However in a theory suggested by two authors, Markus and Stamina , that Western ultra values individuality whereas Chinese culture places more importance on the community as a collective. Since it is assumed that Chinese culture is perceived as collectivist whereas Western cultures are individualistic. By putting in Triangular Relationship into the two ideas, the Western culture would deny that triangular love is suitable however Chinese culture would agree so in terms as a community as a collective.

Since in a Chinese culture point of view, the importance of marriage is to produce offspring, if the first wife isn’t able to finish the task the husband is able to array numbers of wives in order to born a boy, and therefore leading a triangular relationship. Oppositely in a Western culture of view majority of people would prefer a single wife and producing offspring in any sex or sometimes not even producing one. D-503 said in peg. 19, only? ” “If only’ what? Again with her old refrain: a baby. Or maybe this is a new thing, to do with… O do with that other woman? Could it be that… No, that would be too stupid. “Len D-ass’s mind he has already set that 0-90 would be his forever couple and except 0-90 no other woman could produce a baby tit D-503 himself. All in all, Samizdat would like the western culture of view because a male cipher is allocated to one sustained female cipher. Daily life is strictly regimented, in order to ensure that each cipher contributes as much as possible. Work time, sex time, even ‘Personal Time’, is allotted to each member of One State according to a schedule.

DODD has been allocated a romantic partner named 0-90, whom he shares with his friend the poet R-13. This state sanctioned the sex time with a pink ticket, with the only privacy afforded to either people them by sex time, which allows the right to pull a curtain since all homes and structures in One State are transparent. From peg. 19, it said “She offered me her pink little mouth and her pink ticket. I tore the pink ticket but couldn’t tear myself away from the pink mouth until the very last moment. Let fully describes that the pink ticket provides a time for couples to have sex, or demands that a cipher spends personal hours with another cipher of another sex. Pink ticket shows and presented lust since lust is defined as an emotion or feeling of intense desire in the body, and the Job of he pink ticket is to make ciphers have sex which in peg. 21 it quoted that “Then you make a statement that on your given day you would like to make use of this cipher, and you receive the appropriate pink ticket book. This presented that lust and love could be created within the help of the pink ticket since it made chances for two unknown cipher to enjoy themselves. In the modern nowadays there is no such thing as a Table of Sex Days, since in both male and female perspectives having sex is during when both have that feeling and interest in order to have fun. Also a forced sex would be awkward and bored, let’s say the government chooses and sets the table and the restricted cipher for you, would you like it?

I think most would say no, since sex is like a game and nobody like to be forced in playing a game and this would Just spoil all the fun. Therefore the way of Samizdat expressing love and lust through the pink ticket would not be the most suitable one, though the result of obtaining the best quality offspring for the One State would be a wise decision. Samizdat wisely expressed his ideas of love and lust through the help of a triangular eve relationship between three ciphers and also with a Pink Ticket.

He also show that the One State are more concerned in lust more than true love, because it would lead to a better future for the One State as a better offspring is created. This idea also links with the views of Chinese culture which places more importance as a community as a collective. However D-503 expressed that he hopes that the Benefactor will restore everything, but the novel ends with the One State’s authority in doubt, so may this lead to a rebellion of the Table of Sex Days and that the ciphers would prefer true Love rather than lust?

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