Lord of the Flies Ch. 1-2

tall, light skinned

fat, has asthma

tall, passed out, choir boy

Leader, choir boy

Sam & Eric

tall boy

tall boy

How did the boys happen to come to the island?
plane crash

What do the boys have that is the symbol of authority in the society they form
conch shell

What does the reader learn about Jack when he slashed the green candle buds

Why does Jack hesitate when he lifts his knife to kill the piglet, and what does he promise will happen next time he meets a pig?
He still had a right to the society, he would kill it

The littluns
little, may have died

Who are the hunters, and what is their job
the choir, keep fire going and get meat

What does a little’un think he has seen in the forest
the beast

how and why do the boys make fire
They use piggy’s glasses and to be a smoke signal

why does the boys’ plan for rescue fail
jack was more obsessed with hunting than watching the fire