Lodging Management Program Yr 1 – Ch. 5.1

Direct Dial Calls
3 types: Local calls, Direct-dial long distance calls, and Calling card/Credit card calls
Local calls
Calls made within the local area. Some hotels do not charge at all; some charge a small fee per call; and some charge a flat daily rate
Direct-dial long distance calls
Most common calls placed by hotel guests. Hotels will charge for the cost of the call plus a surcharge or a fee per-minute.
Statler Hotel
Buffalo, NY. 1st commercial hotel. Opened in 1908.
Calling card/Credit card calls
These cards are owned by the guest and used to make long distant calls from any phone. The hotel does not bill the guest for these calls.
Operator Assisted Calls
4 types: Collect calls, Third-party calls, Person-to-Person calls, and Billed-to-room calls.
Collect calls
Calls that are billed to the receiving party not the caller. Dial “0” and then the #. An operator or computer verifies that the person will accept the charges.
Third-party calls
A third-party is charged for the call. The call is made the same way as a collect call, but another party is billed for the call.
Person-to-Person calls
The call is made the ame way as a collect or third-party call. The operator or computer verifies that the person is on the line and the charge is made to the caller.
International Calls
Calls made from one country to another. Require dialing many codes and numbers. If the call is made at a hotel and the guest is not using a calling card, the hotel will bill the guest for the call.
Toll-free calls
These are usually business phone #s and begin with 800 or 888. There is no charge fo these calls.
Premium-Price calls
Calls made to businesses where the business is charging for the cost of the call. Phone #s usually begin with 900.
Internet Access
Most hotels have free Internet access today or it is built into the cost of the room. Sometimes there is a separate fee or daily rate.

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