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Harmonizing to Dean Francis Alfair. Filipino work forces are passing 1000000s to look — and experience — good. As was stated in his article. “Machos in the Mirror” . a metrosexual like himself doesn’t by and large think of himself as vain. Harmonizing to a study by planetary research house Synovate last twelvemonth. a good many Filipino males do — 48 per centum of us. in fact. This is merely a somewhat lower per centum than males in the United States at 53 per centum. and well higher than our Asiatic neighbours: 25 per centum of Singaporean work forces think they’re sexy and merely 12 per centum of cats from Hong Kong.

Furthermore. while less than half of us ( which is already a important figure ) think that we’re God’s gift to Pinays. a humongous 84 per centum of Filipinos rate their expressions as “quite” or “very” of import to them. Assuming that the study is accurate. this means. statistically talking. that there is no male racial group on Earth vainer than Filipino work forces. If you think about it. the grounds is all around us. and has been for decennaries.

Manner before the term “metrosexual” was of all time coined ( in 1994. by British journalist Mark Simpson. in instance you’re interested ) . Philippine business communities were traveling around luging clasp. but which besides often contain combs and the occasional little mirror. And practically everyone has at least one uncle or other older male relation who keeps his hair so slickly brilliantine that everyone else can conveniently repair his or her ain hair by simply peeking at its mirror-like surface.

Those are merely what we’ll name the “traditional” illustrations. Nowadays the pick of aroma is more varied. but the rabidly enthusiastic application of Cologne. aftershave. or that intercrossed substance queerly labeled as “deo-cologne” remains changeless. The Synovate study tells us that Filipino work forces bathe an norm of 1. 5 times a twenty-four hours. ( I’m non truly certain how one takes half a bath. but I’m told by informed beginnings that such regular male hygiene is a beginning of alleviation and delectation for Filipino women. )

Since the 1970s. the bulk of Philippine beauty salons have become “unisex. ” ensuing in a big and turning figure of immature work forces who have ne’er even put pes in a Barber store. which means that most of us go to salons — every three hebdomads or so. harmonizing to salon baron Ricky Reyes. “for indulgence. ” Not that barbershops themselves are precisely bastions of simpleness and pure functionality any longer. High-end 1s offer “personal care” services runing from seventh cranial nerves to pick gowns.

Work force besides go to rub down parlours — existent 1s. non quote-unquote massage parlours — non merely to comfort their tired musculuss. but frequently for skin-improving interventions like mud baths and herbal wraps. And speech production of skin interventions. more and more cosmetics companies are coming out with “just for men” lines of training merchandises. including face gown. lotions. and styptics. What’s important is that more and more Pinoy work forces are really purchasing them: merely 10 old ages ago. work forces accounted for merely 10 per centum of the entire Philippine beauty attention purchasing populace.

That figure has now mushroomed to 40 per centum. significance that there are about equal Numberss of Pinoys and Pinays out at that place. snarling up picks and cleansing agents. Even decorative surgery has become non merely acceptable. but desirable for many Filipino work forces — from standard dermatology for simple jobs like acne. to unapologetic amour propre processs such as suction lipectomy and “age-defying” Botox injections. Dr. Vicky Belo of the popular Belo Medical Clinic confirms. “Before. ( work forces ) merely accounted for one-quarter of my entire patronage.

Now they are about one-third. ” It’s gotten to the point where “Who’s your dermis? ” Can all this male amour propre be laid at the door of famous persons like these and metrosexual posting male child David Beckham? Apparently non. For one thing. as Mr. Alfair mentioned earlier. the Filipino trait of being vanidoso good predates Becks and his like. Besides. a metrosexual. by definition. is “a male who has a strong aesthetic sense and spends a great trade of clip and money on his visual aspect.

” As for why metrosexuals willing to pass so much clip and money. it may. surprisingly. be a merchandise of societal and economic factors. During the U. S. recession. it was observed that lipstick gross revenues shot up. merely to taper down once more once the recession was over. Correspondingly. Ricky Reyes has noted that more clients flocked to salons during the 1997 economic crisis in the Philippines. turning to comparatively low-cost services like haircuts in order to do themselves experience better in an unstable life environment.

Alternatively. he might take to pass his money on his visual aspect. possibly subconsciously concluding that his shiny. bouncy hair. radiance. healthy tegument. Harmonizing to Noel Manucom. caput of planning and scheme at Splash cosmetics. the quest for beauty may besides be perceived as a pursuit for societal equality. “Filipinos. particularly those in the C and D ( categories ) . are still influenced by their colonial outlook that white tegument and a tall olfactory organ are what those in high society have. ” Manucom says.

“They may non be able to afford to hold their nose done. but the desire to hold a fairer tegument can be met by buying…products. ” In fact. the double-digit growing in tegument attention popularity among Filipino males over the last six old ages is mostly attributable to skin-whitening expressions. Pinoys are still devoted to hair attention merchandises and aroma above anything else — with turning involvement in bath washes. unwritten hygiene. and weight loss or addition — yet skin attention is acknowledged to be the chief fuel of the Philippine beauty industry.

So what Mr. Alfair said. when you acquire right down to it. Filipino male amour propre likely stems from one uniting cultural jussive mood: to adult females ( or. good. work forces. depending on your gender penchant ) . Even adult females we’re already married to. adult females we have no existent romantic or sexual involvement in. adult females we know we don’t have a opportunity in snake pit of even talking to at all. It’s non merely to acquire person into bed ( non that we’d head ) ; it’s to deserve. at the really least. that expression in a woman’s oculus that says. “You know. that guy’s non bad.

” Because this is what everyone is believing ( good. let’s merely state we’re a little more splanchnic about it ) when we look at adult females all the clip. And it’s merely nice to hold the positive assessment reciprocated one time in a piece. Therefore. ladies. when you see work forces like me pluming or looking bewildered yet grimly determined in the facial cleansing agent aisle of your favourite personal attention shop. retrieve that we’re most likely making it. finally. for you. http: //chrisonis. wordpress. com/2012/07/08/chapter-2-local-literature/ .

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