Literature/TT – Study Guide for "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer"

Review Questions of Chapter 1-6

*****What is Mark Twain’s real name? When was he born? When did he die?
-Samuel Langhorne Clemens
-born: November 30th, 1835 in Missouri
-died: April 21st, 1910 in Connecticut

*****What’s the story’s setting (Time and Place)?
-where: St. Petersburg, Missouri / “The Town of St. Peter”
-when: mid 1800s (1850s)

How does Tom convince his friends to paint the fence?
-by making it seem like the work takes extreme skill, like it’s “fun”, and he uses “reverse psychology”, making it seem like “they’re NOT good enough”
-he makes them bribe him into letting them do it, for it’s the “chance of a lifetime”

Aunt Polly smacks Tom for the sugar bowl incident, – Why?
-because tom “usually” gets into trouble, NOT Sid (even though Sid really did it THIS time)
-the result is that Tom gets wrongly blamed, and Sid gets let off the hook
-Tom even thinks of “running away and dying”

What answer does Tom give to the question about the first 2 disciples?
-“David and Goliath!”

How does Aunt Polly pull Tom’s tooth?
-she ties one end of a string to his loose tooth, and the other end to the bed post
-then she “throws fire” in his face, and when he jerks back, his tooth yanks out

*****Why is Huck called a “pariah”?
-because a pariah is an untouchable, unsocial outcast, which perfectly describes Huck Finn
-he’s “hated” because he’s uncivilized, and is the son of a drunkard

Review Questions of Chapter 7-14

How does Tom break Becky’s heart?
-by telling her that he had an old girlfriend, who’s Amy Lawrence, and Becky starts to cry

Why do Tom and Huck go into the graveyard? What happens there?
-because they’re trying to use a dead cat to remove their warts, for 2 days after someone dies, you can use the cat to remove warts with some type of incantation
-Hoss Williams is the dead person, and his “spirit will rise”, and the boys can rid their warts with Hoss’ spirit and the dead cat

What type of oath do the boys swear, and why?
-they swear a blood oath by writing on an old shingle from the tannery with blood writing
-it’s an oath to swear that they BOTH will never tell of who was REALLY the murderer in the graveyard
-because if they tell of the murder incident, Injun Joe may hunt the boys down and kill/murder them

Muff Potter goes to jail. How does this effect Tom?
-by Tom: not being able to sleep, having dreadful nightmares, and thinking Injun Joe will hunt him down

There’s an interesting “cure” for Tom’s ailment/”spring fever”; what is it?
-Aunt Polly takes Tom out every morning, and aids him with water and alcohol

Tom shows off to Becky; what’s her reaction?
-she SHUNS Tom
-she “puts her nose in the air”
-she says, “Some people think they’re really smart; always showing off!”

To where do the boys head to play pirates?
-they go to “Jackson Island”

what’s the booming noise the boys hear?
-it’s the cannon being shot across the water, which is “known to carry the body up out of the water”
-people in the ferry boat are doing this because they believe that the boys have drowned, and they’re searching for their bodies

Review Questions of Chapter 15-20

Why does Tom go back home? What does he warn?
-because he needs info on what’s going on in the town, about the people talking about them being lost
-because he wants to put his note where Aunt Polly can see it
-he warns Huck Finn and Joe Harper that the people are planning their funeral SOON

How does Tom prove to Aunt Polly that he was “just off playing pirates”?
-by telling her that he had a note in his shirt pocket that he meant to give to her (explaining what they’d been doing), but did NOT want to give it to her because he wanted to SURPRISE her

What happens when Becky is in the schoolhouse?
-Tom goes off with Amy Lawrence, and then Becky gets jealous of Tom with Amy
-so, Becky “goes off” with Alfred, the same guy Tom licked in the 1st Chapter
-then, Tom gets jealous of Becky with Alfred
-Becky later goes into the schoolhouse
-she gets the teacher’s “Analogy” book (for the teacher always wanted to be a doctor), and then Tom walks in
-he accidentally “scares” Becky, and Becky accidentally tears out the 1st page of the book in her fright
-Becky knows she’ll get in trouble, but when the teacher finds out about the missing page in his book, Tom takes the blame for Becky
-by Tom doing this, he was AGAIN “showing off” in front of Becky, and Becky even said that he was “NOBLE”

Review Questions of Chapter 21-25

What motivates Tom to testify?
-Tom’s GUILTY CONSCIENCE, and his knowledge of knowing that he must do the right thing

Why were Tom’s “days full of splendor and nights full of horror”?
-because in the day, people complimented Tom on his proof of the truth, and for his “heroic action”
-because in the night, Tom thinks he may be killed by Injun Joe, for Injun Joe likes to hold grudges

The boys decided to try their luck digging for treasure and decide:
-to go try their luck out at the haunted house, which is where they believe the treasure is hidden

Review Questions of Chapter 26-30

Who’s the deaf and dumb Spaniard?
-Injun Joe, because he’s in disguise so he won’t get caught by authorities

Why does Injun Joe say,
It ain’t robbery altogether – it’s revenge.”?
-because he wants to rob and get revenge on Widow Douglas
-because her husband “threw” him into jail, had him jugged for being a vagrant, and even HORSEWHIPPED!
-so, Injun Joe wants to cut the widow’s nose and notch her ears

Where does Injun Joe plan on taking the gold? Why?
-to “Number 2” (room “2 in tavern #2)
-because he saw fresh tools at the haunted house, he thinks someone’s been digging there, and so he does NOT want them to find their gold

What activities are Tom and Huck involved in?
-Tom: he goes to a picnic with Widow Douglas and the Thatcher Family, because Judge Thatcher had come back into town
-Tom: he then goes into McDougal’s cave with Becky (and other kids) to have fun
-Huck: he’s watching as a watchman 24-7, and is watching the door #2 in tavern #2
-Huck: he hears a plan to kill Widow Douglas, from Injun Joe and his gruff partner
-Huck: he saves Widow Douglas by running over to the Welchman’s house, gets the father and his sons, and relates the story to them; they then go up to Widow Douglas’ mansion (***for she has the biggest house in town!), with Huck following behind
-Huck: runs for his life after hearing gunshots from the Welchman men

How does Huck saves Widow Douglas?
-he hears a plan to kill Widow Douglas, from Injun Joe and his gruff partner
-he saves Widow Douglas by running over to the Welchman’s house, gets the father and his sons, and relates the story to them; they then go up to Widow Douglas’ mansion (***for she has the biggest house in town!), with Huck following behind
-runs for his life after hearing gunshots from the Welchman men
-he then collapses from all his work and excitement, and Widow Douglas aids him, still ignorant to his heroic deed for her

Review Questions of Chapter 30-35

How did Tom and Becky get lost?
-by going off a little farther than their friends in the cave to do some EXPLORING
-bats eventually scared them off into the deeper caverns of the cave
-the bats blocked their exit to the entrance, and as they looked down into the cave a little farther for branch-off paths, they got LOST COMPLETELY

Who do Tom and Becky see when they’re in the cave?
-they see Injun Joe

What does Tom learn about the cave entrance? What’s the result of this action?
-he sees a little bit of light up ahead as he’s exploring for a way out
-he goes closer to it to check it out
-he pushes away rocks near the hole, goes back to get Becky, and they escape through the hole from the cave
-he then tells that Injun Joe is STILL in the cave, and they open up the BOLTED doors to search for him

How does Injun Joe die?
-by starving

Where to Tom and Huck FINALLY find the treasure?
-at the “X” on the rock wall in the cave, for Injun Joe had said earlier that he’d put his treasure “at the cross”
-both boys push away the rocks under the marking, and find:
– a belt

Why does Widow Douglas give a party?
-to celebrate Huck, for SAVING HER VERY LIFE
-to announce her “ADOPTING” of him

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