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LIST OF IMPORTANT TOPICS FOR ESSAYS It is the list of those essays which has been asked in previous css exams and intend to b most important. By practicing those essays u can achieve robust grip in essay. the following essays may not repeat but surely play crucial role to enlarge idea that how a css essay paper formatted. 01. Dilemma of the water and energy crisis in Pakistan (2003) 02. Art critics and reviewers (2003) 03. Alleviation of poverty (2005) 04. Persecuted poor women (2005) 05. Foreign direct investment (F. D. I) in Pakistan (2006) 06. Global warming (2006) 07. Personalization of Pakistani politics (2006) 8. Formal and casual dressing codes (2003) 09. Liberalism (2006) 10. Existentialism (2003) 11. Socio-economic challenges faced by Pakistan (2005) 12. Islam versus the west (2005) 13. International crisis in terrorism (2000) 14. Humour in Urdu literature (2006) 15. Higher science education in the developing countries (2000) 16. The search of truth (2005) 17. Nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but great hope (2006) 18. Austerity, As a solution go all our economic problems (2000) 19. Economic prosperity of a nation is directly proportional to the level of literacy in it (2001) 20.

Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is though necessary (2000) 21. National Integration ( 2001) 22. Risk of “Soviet syndrome” for Pakistan (1999) 23. Higher economic problem at Pakistan and how to meet them (2000) 24. Devolution of power in Pakistan (2001) 25. Art and morality (2000) 26. Need for serious planning in technical education in Pakistan (2000) 27. Is the world ready of the Gene age? (1999) 28. Public office is a public trust (2001) 29. Piety at public expense (1999) 30. The greatest of evil and the worst of crime is poverty (1996) 31.

The struggle to raise’s a nation’s living standard is fought first and foremost in the class room (1999) 32. Pleasure of idleness (1997) 33. Eternal vigilance is the pries of liberty (1996) 34. Renaissance in the Muslim world : Prospects and perils (1999) 35. The press and the nation rise and fall together (1996) 36. Most of the history is guessing and rest is prejudice (1999) 37. Expanding I. T ; a curse or blessing (1997) 38. CTBT and its implications for Pakistan (1996) 39. Decay of Idealism in Pakistan (1999) 40. Human development must b objective for all other development (1997) 41.

Ravages of flood and their control in Pakistan (1996) 42. The current economic scenario at Pakistan (1996) 43. Pakistan as leader of the Islamic world (1998) 44. Iz small family necessarily a prosperous family ? Discuss (1996) 45. Muslim perception for west, and the western perception for islam (1997) 46. World economic scenario and Pakistan place in it (1998) 47. Accountability first and elections later (1996) 48. The causes of female backwardness in Pakistan and an appraisal of contribution that woman can make to nation development effort (1996) 49. Frailty thy name is woman (1998) 50.

Nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but great hope (2006) 51. Danger of nuclear war in the years to come (1998) 52. Civil war “in Afghanistan” consequences for regional countries (1997) 53. The scourge of sectarian militancy and ethnic violence in Pakistan (1996) 54. The role of science in next century (1998) 55. Democracy in Pakistan will remain insecure without strong local self-government institution (1997) 56. History as “the biography of great men ” (1998) 57. My philosophy in life 58. In democracy the voter of the vicious and stupid count but under any other system they might “be running the show”. 1997) 59 The United Nations: Its triumphs and failures since its inception (1998) 60. Estrangement from our own culture is driving us on the verge of collapse, not just our identity but out morality (2005) 61. WTO (world trade organization) and its implication for developing economies like Pakistan (1997) 62. A review of the political and economical development (1998) 63. The national economy and its tribulation (1997) Important quotations for essay 01. Truth is short supply (2006) 02. Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change (2003) 03. Young habits die-hard (2003) 04.

We grow too old soon and too late smart (2006) 05. Every art is an imitation of nature (2000) 06. “Brain like heart” go where they are appreciated (2006) 07. Every solution breeds new problem (2006) 08. “of all the needs a book has, the chief need is that it be readable” (2000) 09. Turn not thy check in scorn toward folk nor walk with pertness in the land ( Al-Quran) (2001) 10. Education ahs for its object the formation of character (2000) 11. Justice delayed is justice denied (2001) 12. And who is saved from narrow-mindedness……. such are they who are successful ( Al-Quran ) (1999) 13.

Man was born free and every where he is in chains (1996) 14. Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes (2001) 15. None but the brave deserve the fair (1997) 16. Self-conceit may lead to self destruction (2001) 17. Who eats the fruit should at least plant the seed (2001) 18. The cream rises to the top, so does the scum (1999) 19. Man gets what he strives for ( Al-Quran ) (1996) 20. It is not only fine feather the makes fine birds (2001) 21. For forms, of government , Lets fools contest, whatever is administered best is best (1999) 22.

The manner in which it is given is worth more than the gift (1997) 23. I disapprove what u say but i ll defend to death your right to say it (1996) 24. The best plea to find a helping hand is at the end of your arms (2001) 25. How can a man indulge in bribery, and nepotism ,and injustice, and in extortion ,and in deception ,without batting an eyelid, if he believes in here after (1996) 26. lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny (2006) 27. Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains (1998) 28. There comes a time to put aside principles and do what’s right (2006) 29.

All life is a game of power, the object of game is simple enough to know that (1998) LIST OF IMPORTANT PCS TOPICS Following is the list of essay which has been asked in PCS exam 01. Imperatives of justice 02. Role of information technology in 21st century 03. The purification of politics is an iridescent dream 04. Moral standards in international relations 05. Causes of backwardness of Muslim countries 06. Significance of human rights in modern society 08. International terrorism-fact or fallacy 09. Importance of tolerance in social life 11. New world order-hopes and Apprehensions 2. courtesy 13. Personal liberty is the paramount essential to human dignity and human happiness 14. Good governance and the role of public servant 15. If u wish the sympathy of broad manes, then u must tell them the crudest and most stupid things 16. Sweet are the uses of adversity 17. Progressive alleviation of poverty in Pakistan……… an overview 18. Hero-worship is the strongest where there is least regard for human freedom 19. Education make a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern ,but impossible to enslave 20. Advancement in science and technology s the gateway to the economic prosperity of a country 21. We never know worth of water till the well is dry 22. Is Pakistan ready to meet challenges of 21st century 23. The barbarity of ethnic cleansing MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC LIST 01. Right of women 02. Nation which lose faith in god, deteriorate 03. Moral standard in international affairs 04. Role of expatriates in Pakistan progress 05. Is modern civilization is failure? 06. Menace of human traffickling 07. Tolerance 08 Man’s place in universe 09. Your concept of an ideal beaurocrate 10. Women place in home and society 1. Joint family system 12. The power and responsibility of the press 13. Trends in Pakistan’s foreign policy 14. Falling standard of education…… causes and remedies 15. The need and importance of tolerance and moderation in politics 16. Importance of independence of media 17. Upcoming elections 18. First and foremost duty of government 19. Population planning in Pakistan 20. Peer pressure 21. Role of political parties in Pakistan 22. The end of cheap oil…. or Oil crisis 23. Importance of women in Islamic society 24. USA behavior with Muslim world 25.

Should higher education be provided for the selected few only? 26. Humanism 27. Israel, the treat of world peace 28. Self finance scheme in the government institute 29. Scientific progress is confronting natural system 30. higher education in Pakistan 31. Modern banking, finance and employment are part of one single paradigm 32. Genuine rural uplift can only make our country strong and self-reliant 33. United we stand…… Divided we fall 34. A long dispute means that both parties are wrong 35. The mystical and idealistic spirit of Islam 36. All recorder history is contemporaneous 7. Corruption in Pakistan 38. National solidarity….. ways and means of achievements 39. Longing for love 40. Politics should be a forbidden fruit for our students 41. Unemployment 42. Interest free banking or Ideal banking system 43. Pluralistic vision of Islam 44. Science and religion 45. Inflation in Pakistan….. Discuss reasons 46. Importance of education for women 47. clash of civilization 48. Drug….. a great menace or Addiction to drugs 49. Future of baluchistan or baluchistan crisis 50. ISI accusation report 51. Smuggling 52. Strikes

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