What type of lipid does not contain fatty acid?
what type of lipid contains a carbohydrate?
_____ are a family of biomolecules that have the common property of being soluble in organic solvents but not soluble in water
what are the two major classes of lipids?
fatty acid based & steroid based
do saturated fatty acids tend to have high or low melting points? and what is their physical state at room temp?
high melting point
solids at room temp
do unsaturated fatty acids tend to have high or low melting points? and what is their physical state at room temp?
low melting points
liquids at room temp
this is often formed when oil is hydrogenated
trans fats
what are 3 potent physiological effects of prostaglandins?
-regulate blood pressure
-contraction of uterine muscles
-pain and inflammation response
prostaglandins have a ___ carbon fatty acid chains
20 also known as eicosanoids
the active form of prostaglandins have a _______ w/ _______
5 carbon ring w/ 2 “tails”
esters of saturated fatty acids and long-chain alcohols
how many total carbons are typically in waxes?
produced by plants & animals as waterproof coating
triesters of glycerol w/ 3 fatty acids
triacylglycerols also known as triglycerides
what is the major form of energy storage for animals?
triacylglycerols (triglycerides)
triacylglycerol which is a solid at room temp
triacylglycerol which is a liquid at room temp?
where does fat come from?
animal sources
is fat highly saturated or unsaturated?
highly saturated
is oil highly saturated or unsaturated?
highly unsaturated
where does oil come from?
used as an artifical fat
olestra is _______ linked by ______ bonds to several _______
sucrose linked by ester bonds to several long chain fatty acids
is olestra broken down in the intestinal tract?
no it is not broken down
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