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Introduction: During this lab. we found the extra reactant and restricting reactant between Aluminum and Copper ( ll ) Chloride. Using stoichiometry. we were able to do anticipations. Through the reaction 2Al + 2CuCl? > 3Cu + 2AlCl? we carried out this experiment and determined that the modification reactant was CuCl? and that the aluminium was in extra. We besides determined the per centum output of Cu. Aim: The intent of this experiment was to find the modification reactant and per centum output of the reaction that took topographic point between Copper ( ll ) Chloride and Aluminum. Hypothesis:

2Al + 3CuCl? > 3Cu + 2AlCl? m= 0. 25g m= 0. 51g m= ?
GMM= 26. 9854 GMM= 134. 45 GMM= 63. 546
n= 0. 00926559 n= 0. 00379323
nAl= 2Al x0. 003379323
3CuCl =0. 0025
Therefore CuCl? is restricting.
1:1 ratio
m= n ten GMM
=0. 0038 ten 63. 546
=0. 24g ( theoretical )

0. 51g of CuCl?
0. 25g of Aluminum
2 100 milliliter beakers
Stiring rod
Filter paper

1. To get down the reaction. add about 50mL of H2O to the beaker that contains the aluminium foil and Cu ( ll ) chloride. 2. Record the coloring material of the solution and any metal that is present at the beginning of the reaction. 3. Record any color alterations as the reaction returns. Stir on occasion with the stirring rod. 4. When the reaction is complete. return he beaker. with its contents. to your instructor for proper disposal. Do non pour anything down the drain. 5. Put up the filtration setup to roll up your Cu from the AlCl? . solution. Find the mass of your dry paper before you filter. 6. Remove Al from the filter paper. carefully rinsing them with H2O to forestall loss of Cu. 7. Dry Cu overnight and so happen the mass when prohibitionist.


-blue pulverization
-crystalline solid
-none left

-shiny Ag
-black precipitate formed on the bantam pieces of aluminium

Actual output – 0. 20g
Theoretical output – 0. 24g
Percentage output = AY

=0. 20
0. 24
= 0. 833g

1. Harmonizing to our observations. the aluminium was in extra. there was spots
of it drifting about after the CuCl? was gone. That means the CuCl? was restricting. 2. My anticipation matches up with what I predicted.

4. My anticipation was right.
In this experiment. we found that the modification reactant was CuCl? . which was the same as our

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