Light and Quantized Energy

Electromagnetic Radiation
A form of energey that exhibits Wavelike behavior as it travels through space
The shortest distance between equivalent points on a continuous wave.
The number of waves that pass in a given point per second.
The wave’s height from the origin to a crest
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Encompasses all forms of electromagnetic radiation.
The minumum amount of energy that can be gained or lost by an atom.
Planck’s Constant
6.26×10-34 J*S. J is Joule, the SI unit for energy.
Photoelectric Effect
Photoelectrons are emitted from a metal’s surface when a light of a certain frequency shines on the surface.
A particle of electromagnetic radiation with no mass that carries a quantum of energy.
Atomic emission Spectrum
The set of frequencies of electromagnetic waves emitted by atoms of the element.
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