Life Time Fitness

mission statement
our mission is to provide an educational, entertaining, friendly, inviting, functional, and innovating experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of the entire family
vision statement
our vision is to be a premier employer by making each team member more valuable each year while building and expanding a macro way of health that is respected and coveted by its customers, vendors, and competitors
kids brand mission
we’re here to partner with parents, together to create a healthy and happy way of life for their children
lesson plan
check in, ice breaker, warm-up, group activities, lunch, self choice stations, arts and crafts, checkout
sign in table equipment
attendance sheet, lesson plan, name tags, late fee policy, snack of the day sign
what should not be displayed at the sign in table
medication log and participation agreement
what is included in participation agreement
name, date of birth, grade, gender, phone number, emergency contacts, special needs
steps to campers not picked up on time
paige parents, inform supervisor, call parents, call emergency numbers, feed kids, call cops, late fee
listen, empathize, apologize, fix
climbing wall rules
no swinging, no running, no digging, must have spotter,no climbing without team member
must be checked before use
auto belay
what must be on wrist bands
supervisor name/number, camp location/number
what to bring on fieldtrips
backpack, camp binder, first aid kit, cell phone, trash bags, watch, water and cups, small towels
4 step discipline policy
verbal warning, inform parents, written warning, dropped from camp
what to do if missing camper
alert manager, provide name and appearance, front desk will page code green, building is locked down, find camper
nonswimmers wear what color
top 5 safety rules
always stay within ratio, never leave a camper unattended, complete headcounts, photo id, always have camp binder
what do you do if your kid does not have a lunch

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