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The significance of life is to give life intending Do non allow what you can non make interfere with what you can make. Life Philosophy of John Wooden Even a sap knows you can’t make the stars. but that doesn’t halt a wise adult male from seeking. “You can’t make person Else’s picks. You shouldn’t allow person else make yours. ” Life Philosophy of Gen. Colin Powell Man is non the animal of fortunes. fortunes are the animals of work forces. We are free agents. and adult male is more powerful than affair.

Life Philosophy of Benjamin Disraeli When an affliction happens to you. you either allow it get the better of you. or you defeat it… Life Philosophy of Rosalind Russell A life lived in fright is a life half lived. To populate a originative life. we must lose our fright of being incorrect. “It is better to be hated for what you are so to be loved for what your not” There are ever two picks. Two waies to take. One is easy. And its lone wages is that it’s easy. Positive thought will allow you make everything better than negative thought will. Life Philosophy of Zig Ziglar You will ne’er accomplish what you ne’er begin…

The step of a adult male is the manner he bears up under bad luck. Don’t delay for your ship to come in. swim out to it. Man can non detect new oceans unless he has the bravery to lose sight of the shore. Doctrine of Life by Andre Gide If one seeks advice. give them way. non rectification. Sooner or subsequently. those who win are those who think they can. Doctrine of Life by Richard Bach Do the things you know. and you shall larn the truth you need to cognize.

Doctrine of Life by George Macdonald Let us non be content to wait and see what will go on. but give us the finding to do the right things happen. Doctrine of Life by Peter Marshall It is better to neglect in originality than to win in imitation. Don’t take life excessively earnestly. no 1 gets out alive. anyways. Before you talk about what you want – appreciate what you have. A adult male either lives life as it happens to him. meets it head-on and licks it. or he turns his dorsum on it and starts to shrivel off. Life Doctrine from Gene Roddenberry You see. in life. tonss of people know what to make. but few people really do what they know.

Knowing is non plenty! You must take action. Life Philosophy from Anthony Robbins If you believe you can. you likely can. If you believe you won’t. you most assuredly won’t. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching tablet. Life Philosophy from Denis Waitley You can make what you think you can make and you can non make what you think you can non Life Philosophy from Ben Stein Find something you love to make and you’ll ne’er have to work a twenty-four hours in your life. Life Philosophy from Harvey Mackay You can make what you want to make. You can be what you want to be.

Life Philosophy from R. David Thomas Philosophies in Life PHILOSOPHY may be defined as the survey and chase of facts which deal with the ultimate world or causes of things as they affect life. The doctrine of a state like the Philippines is made up of the intricate and composite interrelatedness of the life histories of its people ; in other word. the doctrine of our state would be unusual and indefinable if we do non dig into the yesteryear tied up with the noteworthy life experiences of the representative personalities of our state.

Bing one of the outstanding representatives of Filipino personalities. Jose Rizal is a fit topic whose life doctrine deserves to be recognized. Having been a victim of Spanish ferociousness early in his life in Calamba. Rizal had therefore already formed the karyon of an unfavourable sentiment of Castillian imperialistic disposal of his state and people. Pathetic societal conditions existed in the Philippines every bit tardily as three centuries after his conquering in Spain. with agribusiness. commercialism. communications and instruction pine awaying under its most backward province.

It was because of this societal malady that societal immoralities like lower status composite. cowardliness. timidness and false pride pervaded nationally and contributed to the decay of societal life. This stirred and shaped Rizal’s life phylosophy to be to incorporate if non extinguish these societal ailments. Educational Philosophy Rizal’s construct of the importance of instruction is clearly enunciated in his work entitled Instruction wherein he sought betterments in the schools and in the methods of instruction.

He maintained that the retardation of his state during the Spanish ear was non due to the Filipinos’ indifference. apathy or laziness as claimed by the swayers. but to the disregard of the Spanish governments in the islands. For Rizal. the mission of instruction is to promote the state to the highest place of glorification and to develop the people’s outlook. Since instruction is the foundation of society and a requirement for societal advancement. Rizal claimed that merely through instruction could the state be saved from domination.

Rizal’s doctrine of instruction. hence. centres on the proviso of proper motive in order to bolster the great societal forces that make instruction a success. to make in the young person an innate desire to cultivate his intelligence and give him life eternal. Religious Philosophy Rizal grew up nurtured by a closely-knit Catholic household. was educated in the first Catholic schools of the period in the simple. secondary and college degrees ; logically. hence. he should hold been a propagator of purely Catholic traditions.

However. in ulterior life. he developed a life doctrine of a different nature. a doctrine of a different Catholic pattern intermingled with the usage of Truth and Reason. Why the alteration? It could hold been the consequence of modern-day contact. company. observation. research and the ownership of an independent spirit. Bing a critical perceiver. a profound mind and a avid reformist. Rizal did non hold with the predominating Christian extension of the Faith by fire and blade. This is shown in his Note of Morga’s Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas.

Rizal did non believe in the Catholic tenet that redemption was merely for Catholics and that outside Christianity. redemption was non possible even if Catholics composed merely a little minority of the world’s spiritual groups. Nor did he believe in the Catholic observation of fasting as a forfeit. nor in the sale of such spiritual points as the cross. decorations. prayer beadss and the similar in order to propagate the Faith and raise church financess. He besides lambasted the superstitious beliefs propagated by the priests in the church and in the schools. All of these and a batch more are groundss of Rizal’s spiritual doctrine.

Political Doctrine In Rizal’s political position. a conquered state like the Philippines should non be taken advantage of but instead should be developed. civilized. educated and trained in the scientific discipline of self-determination. He bitterly assailed and criticized in publications the evident retardation of the Spanish ruler’s method of regulating the state which resulted in: 1. the bondage and bondage of the conquered ; 2. the Spanish government’s demand of forced labour and force military service upon the n indigens ;

3. the maltreatment of power by agencies of development ; 4. the authorities governing that any ailment against the governments was condemnable ; and 5. Making the people ignorant. destitute and overzealous. therefore detering the formation of a national sentiment. Rizal’s steering political doctrine proved to be the survey and application of reforms. the extension of human rights. the preparation for self authorities and the arousing of spirit of discontent over subjugation. ferociousness. inhumaneness. sensitivity and ego love. Ethical Philosophy The survey of human behaviour as to whether it is good or bad or whether it is right or incorrect is that scientific discipline upon which Rizal’s ethical doctrine was based.

The fact that the Philippines was under Spanish domination during Rizal’s clip led him to subordinate his doctrine to moral jobs. This tendency was much more needed at that clip because the Spaniards and the Filipinos had different and sometimes at odds ethical motives. The moral position of the Philippines during this period was one with a deficiency of freedom. one with predomination of foreign Masterss. one with an infliction of foreign spiritual worship. devotedness. court and racial wonts. This led to moral confusion among the people. what with justness being stifled. limited or curtailed and the people non basking any single rights.

To bolster his ethical doctrine. Dr. Rizal had recognized non merely the forces of good and evil. but besides the inclinations towards good and evil. As a consequence. he made usage of the practical method of appealing to the better nature of the vanquishers and of offering utile methods of work outing the moral jobs of the conquered. To back up his ethical doctrine in life. Rizal:

1. censured the mendicants for mistreating the advantage of their place as religious leaders and the ignorance and fanatism of the indigens ; 2. counseled the Filipinos non to resent a defect attributed to them but to accept same as sensible and merely ; 3. advised the multitudes that the object of matrimony was the felicity and love of the twosome and non fiscal addition ; 4. censured the priests who preached greed and incorrect morality ; and 5. advised every 1 that love and regard for parents must be purely observed. Social Philosophy That organic structure of cognition associating to society including the wisdom which man’s experience in society has taught him is societal doctrine.

The facts dealt with are rules involved in state edifice and non single societal jobs. The capable affair of this societal doctrine covers the jobs of the whole race. with every job holding a distinguishable solution to bolster the people’s societal cognition. Rizal’s societal doctrine dealt with ; 1. adult male in society ; 2. influential factors in human life ; 3. racial jobs ; 4. societal invariable ; 5. societal justness ; 6. societal ideal ; 7. poorness and wealth ; 8. reforms ; 9. young person and illustriousness ; 10. history and advancement ; 11. future Philippines.

The above dealt with man’s development and his environment. explicating for the most portion human behaviour and capacities like his will to populate ; his desire to possess felicity ; the alteration of his outlook ; the function of virtuous adult females in the counsel of great work forces ; the demand for promoting and animating mission ; the responsibilities and dictates of man’s scruples ; man’s demand of practising gratitude ; the necessity for confer withing dependable people ; his demand for experience ; his ability to deny ; the importance of deliberation ; the voluntary offer of man’s abilities and possibilities ; the ability to believe. aspire and strive to lift ; and the proper usage of fireplace. encephalon and spirit-all of these uniting to heighten the elaboratenesss. beauty and values of human nature.

All of the above served as Rizal’s usher in his uninterrupted attempt to do over his darling Philippines.

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