Life and Death

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‘Christians think it is always wrong for a person to end a life.’ Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer and discuss more than one viewpoint before making a conclusion.

The taking of one’s own life is called Suicide. One of the most important teachings from the Bible is the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20. ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ Exodus 20:13. Many Christians say that killing yourself breaks this commandment and therefore it is wrong for one to kill oneself.

Even if the person was not well and unhappy within themselves a Christian would say that ‘I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’ It does not matter if things are going badly- God has made me perfect in ‘his own image and likeness’ and according to his plan, so things are only temporary and are only like this because God has made it like this. A Christian would say that it is wrong for a person to commit suicide in these circumstances because it is only a passing time in the person’s life. God has better plans but they could not cope.

Considering Euthanasia, most Christians would take a stance that it is murder and it is therefore wrong but some would disagree and say that in some circumstances it would be better and acceptable. Jesus showed compassion to all those suffering and in need- lepers, blind men, the deaf- all people with serious disabilities. Some Christians would say it would be better to alleviate suffering just like Jesus did. So in this circumstance, I disagree and say that Christians don’t always think it is wrong. It may be better to end the life if the means are justified correctly.

When taking someone else’s life, in our society this is considered to be murder or in some cases manslaughter. The Bible believes it to be murder and therefore it is wrong to take another life. When Cain killed his brother Abel in anger, God said that his blood cried out in anger from the ground.

Most Christians are against abortion as it kills a potential life. ‘Before I formed thee in the womb knew thee: and before thou camest forth from the womb I sanctified thee,’ Jeremiah 1:5. Christians are aware of the fact that God is omnipresent and sees all. God has mapped out our destiny from the time of conception to a grown man or woman. On Judgement Day, God will punish Christians for breaking his commandment- which is why a Christians would see this taking of a life as wrong. Abortion interferes with God’s plan and the potential of that baby. We are only a small part of that plan and therefore we should not interfere. Other teachings that a Christian would use to justify their views against abortion would be the Didache and the Pope (particularly for Roman Catholics), both sources who expressively say that abortion is wrong.

I believe however that these verses depend on interpretation and that Christians may see them differently. It also depends on the circumstance and which denomination of the Church that you follow. Therefore I believe that in most cases that Christians believe it is wrong to end a life but only in justified, articulate circumstances would it be right.

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