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Technologies are of import and helpful in everyone’s life. Schools set the assorted pedagogical alterations to accomplish the current degree of instruction in other states. Because of the turning Numberss of computing machine users. this became an effectual medium to show the cognition and accomplishments of the pupils. From the traditional searching procedure for the books in the libraries. the synergistic use of computing machines can be now addressed as portion of the library system. Now. with the coming of such modernisation in instruction. one manner to globalise the procedure of research is to recognize that engineering is progressing at an improbably fast gait. Technology has a systematic and organized manner of maintaining informations records. calculating Numberss. carry throughing a batch of minutess and studies.

A system library direction system is made to hold fast procedure minutess for seeking book rubrics. borrowing books. returning books. calculating punishments and bring forthing an accurate study. In add-on. Library is an of import portion of the academic sector every bit good as some professional sectors excessively like. Advocacy etc. The efficiency of a library prevarications in the fact how it is arranged and how easy one can acquire the books of their pick. By and large. what we see today is the manual library direction system whose procedure of operation is really much hectic. Library is a topographic point in which we get information in any format and from many beginnings. This involves the use for processing. accessing and recovering the information that can efficaciously back up the procedure of student’s acquisition. decision- devising and scholastically attacks.

Because of the organized attack and systematic direction of the information. the handiness and retrieval in the library can be easy. Traditionally. library direction systems are implemented manually. Forms are given to librarian and they fill them of utilizing pens. Afterwards. the school decision makers process them manually and complied on big bulky file cabinet. Indeed. the manual library system is really dearly-won. clip devouring and boring. The primary ailment of school decision makers with this system is the boring undertaking of seeking through records merely to verify your question informations.

The fast phased of engineering attributed a batch to the betterment of the library direction system. Technology enables package developers to computerise to computerise the library system. Hence. Here in Lyceum of Alabang. the freshly build library of Basic Education ( entirely for k12 lyceans ) provides several of books to the pupils to convey information particularly in their research. paper works. assignments and undertakings. Therefore. the establishment purpose to provide the necessary stuffs to their pupils. the thought of library direction system is introduces.

A. Background of the Study

Nowadays most system like library system faces some jobs such as flexibleness. serviceability and handiness. As the times goes by. some coders discovered a solution to aide the said jobs on yesteryear. And to develop more characteristics that can be help to the system to do it more easy to utilize.

Secondary school of Alabang. entirely in Basic Education Library Management System aimed to heighten the processs of the library. manually operated to a computerized system. This proposal’s intent was to ease the dealing in the library. i. e. . loaning of books. storing of books. hunt books and procure library system. The librarian and the library user still utilize the manual manner of transacting of adoption and returning of books. The librarian usage log books in naming the books. They use library cards and card catalogues in seeking for reading and mention stuffs.

In order to prolong the demands of the system the developer on this system ever updates and look into if there are malfunctions or proficient mistakes of the system. Before the research worker came up on this system they planned foremost before put to deathing and developing this system. the researcher’s gathered information through study if the direction or pupils would truly necessitate this system.

In add-on. system structures required to accomplish such design are clarified. After look intoing requirement specification included in the basic program. the overview of the undertaking is represented by the usage of diagrams so that the processing and flows of informations can be easy understood.

B. Aims of the Study

The aim of the survey was to develop a computerized system that will hive away the record of the pupils such as basic information. books record. list of borrower’s. returned books. borrowed books and prescription of the bibliothec.

This specify following aims of the system:
a. To supply the decision maker an effectual manner on storing and encoding all the necessary information needed from a pupil before allowing them

borrow a book.

B. To plan and make system that will decrease the clip and attempt of the decision maker in their dealing.

c. To rapidly seek the about a certain book that are still out and needed by the pupil who besides wants to borrow a book from the library.

d. To implement a modernize manner of deciding stock list issues in the library.

C. Scope and Limitation

Important characteristics such as the decision maker would be able to acquire the information of the pupils who borrowed the books and besides the stock list of books for handiness intents and monitoring of book volumes other characteristics offers the security of the books in were the admin could easy verify if the books are return or non. User information subsystem ( Collect User information from user and will salvage in the database ) borrow a book subsystem ( find if the book is meant to be checked out ) Inventory a book subsystem ( Get book from user. set book/items position to “available” ) Notify user book is delinquent subsystem ( Check if all books are accounted. issue delinquent notice. look up users information ) .

Library Management System can’t produce end products of the informations studies. can be viewed and use merely by one user which is the decision maker. dealing procedure with respects of over due of borrowing books are still in the issue of non accurately supply the exact sum of payment that the pupil must pay as a penalty of non returning the borrowed books on clip And can non supply the list of books that are stored inside the library system.

D. Significance of the survey

The research workers aim to develop the manual procedure into computerize library system in basic instruction. It helps the direction a batch when it comes for look intoing stock list of several books and to do their work more easy and handily. And by the usage of this system the direction can easy look into the books that are loaned. borrowed and place the books which are reserved. To do it easy to seek any record. to maintain the information secured. to redact the records and update the database easy. to do the backup easy. to minimise the duplicate of informations and to do the system user friendly which more easy to utilize and the operator will experience no trouble.

Chapter 2

Research Methodology

This chapter starts on the treatment about the undertaking research design methodological analysis. The 2nd portion presents the development of the system. The 3rd portion tells the operation. procedure and testing. The last parts discuss the rating process.

Undertaking Development

The system Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) is a conceptual theoretical account used in undertaking direction that describes the phases involved in an information system development undertaking from an initial feasibleness survey through care of the completed application. Assorted SDLC methodological analysiss have been developed to steer the procedures involved including the waterfall theoretical account. ( the original SDLC method ) rapid application development ( RAD ) articulation
application development ( JAD ) the fountain theoretical account and the coiling theoretical account. Largely. several theoretical accounts are combined into some kind of intercrossed methodological analysis. Documentation is important regardless of the type of theoretical account chosen or devised for procedure. Some methods work better for specific types of undertakings. but in the concluding analysis. the most of import factor for the success of a undertaking may be how closely peculiar program was followed.

Project Design Planning

In planning. the research workers conducted an interview to the client to garner some information about on how the bibliothecs manage the books. borrowed books. Returned books. all record of the pupil. It is observed that the librarian writes the records manually of every pupil who borrowed or returned the Books. The pupil uses the signifier given by the bibliothec.


Base on the proposed Computerized Library System is designed strictly from the user’s point of view sing the restraints of hardware ( such as computing machines ) . In add-on. system structures required to accomplish such design are clarified. After look intoing requirement specification included in the basic program. the overview of the undertaking is represented by the usage of diagrams so that the processing and flows of informations can be easy understood.


The package design specifically targeted to librarian of the research workers used a user friendly design to pull the user to utilize the new machine-controlled system. Here the system was the system designed strictly from the user’s point of view without sing the restraints of hardware ( such as computing machines ) . In add-on. system structures required to accomplish such design are clarified.

After look intoing the demand specification included in the planning. the overview of the system represented by the usage of diagrams so that the processed of informations can be easy understood. Based on the representation. the division into bomber system and input end product designing was performed. The full undertaking was divided into a figure of faculties on a functional footing. and each faculty was further divided into smaller units. The designing of the codification. such as the finding of a cryptography system. was conducted. In add-on. relationships between the informations were analyzed.

Software Development


In the development of the system. the researcher’s made used of Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 for encoding beginning codification of the system. in order to be accurate and fast acquisition of data/information.


The researcher’s installs the new System. The research workers encountered jobs while treating it for the first clip but after several hebdomads the system has been successful and introduced it to the respondents.


The researcher’s were responsible for carry oning an operation trial. The researcher’s conducted a trial under the existent operation conditions. and verified that the system satisfies the needed specification. Because this trial was intended to hold a developed system accepted by the user. it was called an blessing trial or an acceptance trial. The researcher’s conducted an operation trial by running a plan on a machine being used for existent operations.


The research workers conducted care in package to rectify mistakes. to keep public presentation or other properties. The research workers common perceptual experience of care simply involves repairing detect. The researcher’s care direction system allows section heads to be after maintenance work on fixed assets. such as equipment. machinery and belongings.

The researcher’s came up with this library direction system to supply easier. faster and effectual manner on supervising the dealing of borrowed books and books that are being returned by the borrowers. This system offers the best manner to look into the measure. handiness and the full information about the books that are stored on the library system database. This system provides the best manner to work out the measure redundancy of books available on the library storage.

In order to prolong the demands of the pupils in basic instruction the researcher’s suggest this system to decrease the loads of the direction every bit good as the pupils.

Based on Observation

Observation is either an activity of a life being. such as a human. dwelling of having cognition of the outside universe through the senses. or the recording of informations utilizing scientific instruments. The term may besides mention to any informations collected during this activity.

As the researcher’s observed about the manual procedure it take a long clip to borrow a book ( s ) or return a book ( s ) and its really difficult to the direction to look into or take stock the books.


Data aggregation tool used to garner information about persons. Surveies are normally used in research to roll up self-report informations from survey participants. A study may concentrate on factual information about persons. or it might take the collect the sentiments of the study takers.

The researcher’s gathered information from the pupils every bit good as the librarian and they’re in favour of holding computerize library system.


An interview is a conversation between two or more people where inquiries are asked by the interviewer to arouse facts or statements from the interviewee. The Researcher’s interviewed the direction and the pupils about the dealing of the books in the library they both agreed about the system because of the slow procedure of dealing. Harmonizing to Ms. Aurora. the librarian she suffered on look intoing stock list of the books and determined the writer in each books. Sometime she encountered of mislaying the logbook and she don’t know what to make. And she eventually grateful to the researcher’s of holding computerising system.

In this figure it shows the slow procedure of the adoption book ( s ) . after the borrower will acquire the book they will necessitate to wait until the decision maker will finalise and let go of the book ( s ) . The lone job of this manual procedure when there are more pupils or module that will borrowed a book and there is merely one decision maker. They need to wait the books for a long clip merely because of this procedure. Registration by the usage of library card. the pupils of module will merely register one time when they borrowed or returned a book.

B. Proposed System Structure

Library Management System is a computerize system proposed by the research workers to entree rapidly the records and updates. The information will be much secure from any unauthorised entree. It will be made secure by utilizing watchwords and by taking other security steps. Records will be easy edited and the database will easy be updated at the clip of come ining a record. The Library Management System is designed for pull offing assorted activities of “Lyceum of Alabang entirely in Basic Education” . Since library has a really big figure of books and a big figure of members. it is really difficult for librarian to pull off twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities manually.

It maintain path like categorizing of books. books that are requested by the pupils. books that are issued to pupils. inside informations of pupils who borrowed the books. The system allows the decision maker to interact within the system pull offing student’s record ( adding pupil records. deleting records and modifying records of the pupils ) . forming book inside informations ( add book inside informations. delete book inside informations and modify book inside informations ) . While the pupils and module allows merely seeking a book ( s ) without enrollment. The bibliothec will acquire the information of the borrower when they loaned out the book ( s ) . they need to make full up the demands in order continue the procedure of the system.

In this figure it illustrates how the direction system works. First the Librarian must log in to come in the system. the bibliothec besides tasked to update the books by canceling or adding books. Monitoring borrowed and returned books. Issued books for the pupils or module and informations study for look intoing the stock list.

Figure 1. 3
Library Management System Use instance procedure

This figure illustrates how the system interacts between the decision maker and users. This clearly shows how the users managed to take or cancel histories and besides how users add new history on this direction system. This figure explains the librarian’s entree to different informations studies including list of all books returned and borrowed. besides transcripts of different books available inside the library system.

Figure 1. 4
Library Management System VTOC

In this figure 1. 4 it show the librarian interacting within the system by seeking. adoption and returning books. The librarian liable of updating books. monitoring books. Issued books for pupils and doing informations Report.

Flow Chart
Figure 1. 5
Library Management System Process

In this figure it illustrates the Library Management System Process by inputting username and watchword of the librarian for security if the librarian didn’t fit the watchword it back to the log in signifier and if the librarian matches the watchword that can be found in informations base it will automatically look the place page. The librarian can now update. supervise the borrow books. return books and due books. And can see the books available every bit good as the student’s borrowers.

Sample Form about the Library Management System

Figure 1. 0
Books Information

In this figure 1. 0 the books information show the contents of book figure. rubric. Author. publishing house. right of first publication. ISBN. no. of transcript. volume. edition and type. In this signifier the decision maker allow to salvage new books on the information base to keep the updates of the system.

Figure 1. 0
Borrower’s Information

In this signifier it show the borrowers information it has ID Number. first name. in-between name. last name and reference. It allows the decision maker to set the information of the borrowers of the book. And by utilizing the old borrower’s wireless button it will let the decision maker to seek by inputting the ID figure which is the pupil figure of the pupils.

Figure 1. 0
Borrowing Book ( s )

In this figure 1. 0 the Borrowing book ( s ) can be located at the dealing country. By inputting on the seeking twine it will seek on the information base where the books are stored. In this signifier besides included the list of borrowed books and list of unreturned books. After pressing the hunt button. all the books that are related to the book ( s ) that you’re seeking it will look on the list box.

Figure 1. 0
List of Book ( s )

This subdivision is were you can see and look into the records of the books available on this library computing machine system and it besides gives the decision maker the option whether to publish the records of the staying transcripts of the books or non.

Figure 1. 0
List of Borrowers

In this subdivision the system provides the decision maker the power to position and look into the list of pupils who borrowed from the library and gives the option to whether print the names of the borrowers or non.

Figure 1. 0
List of return and unreturned books

In this country it shows to maps of the library system the 1 on the left window glass is the country in were you can see and look into the list of unreturned books and to on the other side is the country in were you can input the figure Idaho and the system will automatically demo the information about who borrowed the books and the whole information of the books including the rubrics and writers.

Chapter 5

Summary and Recommendation

In this chapter explains the sum-up of the findings from the rating of the system and recommendation future sweetening of the system. The last portion of this chapter. nevertheless. discusses the possible recommendations for the system such as platform of package development or adding characteristic into the system.


The developed system is mostly attributed to the construct of RDBMS ( Relational Database Management System ) and MySQL ( Standard Query Language ) database Programming. An unfastened beginning RDBMS which provides robust functionalities for pull offing information. The plan was developed under the Microsoft Visual Basic 6. 0 which was found out to be more suited when image processing and database scheduling is computerize system. Library direction system is designed & A ; developed for a reception and issue of books in the library along with the student’s inside informations. This undertaking gives complete information about the library.

We can come in the record of new books and recover the inside informations of books available in the library. We can publish the books to the pupils and keep their records and can besides look into how many books are issued and stock available in the library. In this undertaking we can keep the late mulct of pupils who returns the issued books after the due day of the month. The package design specifically targeted to librarian of the research workers used a user friendly design to pull the user to utilize the new machine-controlled system. Here the system was the system designed strictly from the user’s point of view without sing the restraints of hardware.


Base on the sum-up of consequence. the advocates suggested the undermentioned alteration of the system for the best public presentation and better its efficiency and functionality.

a. The system must be automated so that it is quicker than this computerized system. b. RFID saloon codification must be applicable to heighten more the system. c. Integrate propinquity card and sensors to supervise the figure of library users either borrowing books or those who are making other things inside the library. d. Apply encoding algorithm into the records before salvaging it into the database. e. Supplying mulcts to each borrower’s base on the due day of the months f. Must be on LAN connexion.

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