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“In libertarianism there is no moral responsibility” (20 Marks)Libertarianism is the view that we are free, which is why we are morally responsible for our action, however some would argue that because we have got real liberty there can be not moral responsibility, which means that there should also be no consequences for those actions either.Regarding the question whether Libertarianisns have moral responsibility, Jean-Paul Sartre, he’s ideas on responsibility he taught that with absolute freedom came unlimited moral responsibility, here each one of us is responsible for everything we do. For example if we seek advice from others, we choose our advisor and have some idea of the course he or she will recommend. Freedom for Sartre is not the freedom to do something. He says “you are free” because you always have a choice, “therefore choose” (Sartre 2007). But because this creates anxiety and anguish, individuals flee in self-deception and continue leading inauthentic lives. Man is free when his consciousness acknowledges that something is lacking, when he makes a purpose of himself, and when he commits. In Sartre’s words, this is when he “transcends” himself.Libertarians have the view that freedom and responsibility go hand in hand, this can be implied from the story of the ‘fall of man’ (Genesis one), where Both Adam and Eve had exercised free will, from eating from the forbidden tree. Due to their action they were responsible for what the consequences god gave them, where Adam was to toil and Eve to bear pain at child birth. By looking at this example it shows how due to freedom of choice and free will a person has got moral responsibility over their actions including the consequences.In conclusion I disagree with this statement because I strongly agree with Sartre who claimed that with freedom came about absolute responsibility because I believe that in order for someone to do something they have the freedom to do so, which puts that person…

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