Letter of Application

This is to inform you that I have the prerequisite knowledge to take up the teaching job in your institution. Indeed, I have developed immense ability to clarify meaning and check student understanding of language items during my two years of training. During my training, I have successfully used the principle of extensive reading to enable my students develop their vocabulary. In addition, my teaching sessions are always marked with a word-rich environment that enables students to improve on their vocabulary. Moreover, I am accustomed to encouraging my students to read as many internet literatures and note grammatical errors that they can identify. This is basically due to the fact that the internet contains several written work that hardly follows grammatical rules as no one marks assesses the writers. It is in this regard that I willingly undertake to demonstrate my skills by attempting to answer the questions herein:

Given the sentence, “I remember he’d read to me every night at bedtime,” I would say that the sentence belongs to the advanced level. This is because it makes clear sense and is easily understandable. However, students who do not have much experience with sentence structures can easily misunderstand it. If this sentence arose in one of my classes, I ould ask three students to write down how they would explain the meaning of the sentence. In order to get a clear idea of their understanding, I would be keen to choose the students at random. This will ensure that average students also get a chance to display their understanding and that the top students do not give a wrong impression that the entire class has learnt when that is not true. Although the random sample may not give ideal statistics of the students’ understanding, it would certainly serve the purpose of assessing their level of understanding. The students to express something that happened in the past, but which has since ceased to happen would use this sentence construction. For instance, it could be referring to someone’s childhood where he or she used to be told stories every day before bed. In this case, the sentence brings a sense of nostalgia by the person talking. Alternatively, it could be referring to lovers who have since parted ways. In this context, it is clear that the person talking longs for the moments when they used to be together, listening to written stories.

Undoubtedly, I certainly understand the principle of sentence ambiguity. For instance, the sentence “Olivia drew the picture in the den” would have two clear meanings. The first one being that while Olivia was iin the den, he drew a picture. Alternatively, the sentence can be used to imply that the picture that Olivia has been obtained from the den. These are two different meanings that arise from the same sentence. It shows the manner in which grammar interactions are very significant in determining the meaning that people draw from a sentence. Ideally, the sentence should have read, “Olivia drew the picture while in the den”.

The other sentence that would prove grammatically challenging is “Now there are two less lonely people in the world”. Although it looks straightforward, the sentence can have two distinct meanings. For instance, it can mean that two people who have always been lonely just got company. As such, number of lonely people in the world has reduced by two. Alternatively, the sentence can mean that two people have reduced their levels of loneliness. In this case, the word “less” has been used as an adverb, not as an adjective.

In conclusion, this sentence analysis shows the skills that I would require as a teacher. These include the ability to clarify meaning and check student understanding of language items. In this regard, I am looking forward for a positive response from your office with regards to the teaching job opportunity.

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