Lesson plan in World Literature

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Materials: Carolina papers and marker for graphic organizer l. Methodology A. Pre-reading Activities 1. Vocabulary Games Match column A with column B. A. Disfigure e 1. Boisterous b 2. Sacrilege c 3. Rebut d 4. Vendetta a 5. Mutilate 2. Motivation b. Disrespect of sacred c. Deny d. Revenge n SISSY The teacher will ask the students to answer the following: Several gods and goddesses make an appearance in The Odyssey. Directions: Match each of the names on the left with the description you think fits best. B 1 . Zeus A. God of war D 2. Apollo

B. Supreme god of the Greeks AY. Ares C. Minor goddess of magic F 4. Poseidon D. God of archery, music, and poetry 5. Aphrodite E. Goddess of wisdom EH. Athena F. God of sea and earthquakes H 7. Artemisia G. Messenger of the gods G 8. Hermes H. Goddess Of hunting J 9. Persephone l. Goddess of love and beauty C 10. Circe J. Queen of the kingdom of the dead Scoring 7-10 Wow! You’re an expert. 5-6 Excellent, but a little shaky. Sees than 4 Nice try. B. While Reading Activities 1 . Become familiar with names of characters and

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places [Odysseus,

Telephotos, Penelope, Notations, Athena, Ithaca, etc. ] 2. While reading, the teacher will post the written parts on the board for the students to follow the story. 3. The teacher will read, ask question and complete the written parts to create a chain of events until the story ended. C. Post Reading Activities

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