Lesson 2-3 Questions and answer of lesson 2-3

Question Answer
For what group was the colony of Pennsylvania founded The Quakers found the colony of Pennsylvania.
Who received the land of Pennsylvania as payment for debt owed by the king to his father William Penn, a wealthy English Quaker, received the land of Pennsylvania as a payment for debt.
Why was Pennsylvania called a ?holy experiment?? Pennsylvania was called a ?holy experiment? as a chance to put Quakers ideas into practice that was that everyone was equal.
List the groups of settlers who came to Pennsylvania English, Welsh, Irish, Dutch, and German were settlers that had arrived.
What was The Charter of Privileges The Charter Privileges was that granted colonists had the right to elect representatives to the legislature.
How and why was the colony of Delaware formed The counties function or worked to separate this colony and Penn allowed south colonies to form their own legislature.
By 1702 this colony was returned to the king as A royal colony.
By 1683 the population had grown To about 12,000 people.
How was treatment of Native Americans different in Pennsylvania The people of Pennsylvania had better relationships with Native Americans than many other colonies.
How did geography affect the development of New York City and Philadelphia The land belonged to the Native Americans and that settlers should pay for it.
What was the main cause of friction between the Native Americans and the North America As colonists spread, many traded with Native Americans. Some settled on Native Americans lands without their permission.
What actions did colonists took to govern themselves Thomas Hooker left Massachusetts. Roger Williams started Rhode Island and John founded Exeter in New Hampshire.
The Duke of York gave the southern part of his colony to Hudson and Delaware Rivers to Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret.
How did Puritans definition of religious freedom exclude other people Puritans came to America to escape religious persecution, they had little tolerance of other religious beliefs besides their own.
Who spring, teach how to grow crops, hunt and fish Squanto and Samoset

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