Lesson 1-4 Rev it up

Question Answer
ascend to go up
deteriorate its condition gets worse and worse
deplete completely use up
innocuous something that wont hurt you cause its harmless
demure quite and shy
formidable you feel threatened by its size or strength
immaculate spotlessly clean
arduous takes alot effort
err you make a mistake
stricken you suffer from it
torrent a large amount of fast furiously flowing water
rapt something amazes you and catches your attention
preoccupied you are thinking about something so much that you dont notice other things
posses you own it and control it
expanse wide open area
retaliate you get revenge for something that someone has done to you
ameliorate someone who makes a situation easy or better
capitulate you give up and surrender
furtive people who are secretive and sneaky beause they are trying to hide what they are doing
mainstay the most important part of something, the part that supports everything else
odyssey a long eventful journey
grueling a experience so diffiult it exhuasts you
scour you scrub it in order to clean it
hierarchy a way of ranking group members based of there importance
integral something is absolutely necessary for it to work
regale you intertain him or her with stories
pan to look slowly across an area from side to side
deference you act in a way that shows a deep respect for someone or something
epitome the best example or model of it
explicit explained so clearly it cant be misunderstood
somber to feel sad or gloomy
disregard you decide its not worth paying attention
wan to look pale because they are weak or worn out
nostalgic you remember a happier time from the past
gnarled wrinkled and twisted, usually because its old
muse you think about it deeply
supple something that is soft and bends easily
congregrate to come together in a group
postulate you make and educted guess that is true
banal so common its boring

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