Lending: Data Flow Diagram And Loan Transaction Loan Analysis

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Believers aware of the problems in the church. Those letters were also intended to assure Christians of triumph of Christ through the apostles and symbols. Near the end of John’s life he received a vision from God, John then recorded and wrote the book of Revelation.

The Revelation was probably the last works by the church in the first century. References: Life application study bible- NIV. (2005). Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale Publishers. Niswonger, R. (1992).

New Testament history. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Smith, M. Div, Thomas. New Testament Quick Study Academic.

Retrieved from http:// www.

quickstudy. com 2 historical data on previous loans, as well as new loan data. The computer uses this file and a loan analysis program to perform loan analysis. Loan analysis reports are produce that tell management the trends in sales performance of loans. The Proposed System 1 .

When a customer wishes to make a loan, the employee will ask first customers data given the application form. The customer information form contains name, address, amount to be lend and terms of payment. It will be submitted to the employee to be processed. 2.

A copy of transaction prints out a loan receipt for the customer that contains customer data and serves as a record of the transaction. 3.

Errors in data entry may cause an error indication The Clerk must follow various error procedures to correct such errors. 4. The information transmits loan transaction data to the company mainframe computer. This immediately updates the loan records in the company. Flowchart of Present Loan Transactions Processing System Flowchart of Proposed Loan Transactions Processing System Figure 1. 1 A Context diagram of a Loan Processing System

Figure 1.

1 Illustrates the highest level of data flow diagram called context diagram or level-o DFD FIGURE 1. 3 This level-I data flow diagram illustrates the design of a proposed Loan Processing System that uses automated transaction processing and database updates Figure 1. 2 Using data flow diagrams. This level-I DFD graphically illustrates the analysis of a Loan Processing System Start Fill up of loan application form Process of Loan Application Approval of Loan End No Yes Loan Utilization Check Release of Loan Payment of Loan Finish Application Form Validation of

Not valid Valid Loan Receipt Update Database Updated Database Information Submitted to the Company Client Employee Processing System 1.

0 Capture and Correct Loan Transaction 2. 0 Edit Loan Transaction Company’s Loan Database Error Indication 3. 0 Loan Database 4. 0 perform Analysis Clear Transaction Loan Update Loan Record Loan Records Selected Loan Data Loan Results Client’s Data d dl Loan Analysis Loan Transaction file Process Old Loan Master File New Loan Master File Loan Application Capture Loan Master Records Updated Loan Master Results d2 d3 d4 Record

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