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Public Speaking Public speaking is an art. Like art, it’s the product of human reasons in the community. Public Speaking is a work that came from our skills and imagination. To be good at our skill we need to undergo trainings and exercising. You need to exercise your skill in public speaking. Just like bird, it doesn’t fly not unless it is being taught how to fly. Performing needs preparation. Preparations include different parts that make up your speech. You need to know what the purpose in delivering your beech is.

Know your main objective to make everything clear. Also make sure that your idea fits the interest of your audiences. Your message depends in your audience. In writing your speech, you need to have a plan. Organize your ideas and make sure you’re ideas go well with your topic. Accept and renew ideas that can help enhance your message. Reject ideas that is out of the boundary of your speech. It would be nice if you use simple words so that your audiences can easily understand you.

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What’s significant in telling is that you’re audience can get what you want to tell them. Try to use words that are easy to understand. Lastly is delivering your speech. Eye-to-eye contact is really necessary. Make sure that you’re conversation to your audience is good. It’s like you are talking and your audience is the one who will agree to you. You should let them know that you are talking to them. Your voice is one of the special things needed in delivering your speech.

You need to talk loud and clear o that everybody can hear. Some points of your message will be missed if your voice is low. In speech words matter, so utter your words correctly. And make your audience comfortable when you deliver your speech. Public Speaking is hard but when you are willing to learn this then it would be easy. You will be willing to do training and exercising Just to learn. Like arts, it needs to be exercise. One must be ready to face his fear and try to make things clear. Make things possible!…

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