Legalization Of Marijuana And American Culture Sociology Essay Essay

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Marijuana is a drug and it is derived from the hemp works elsewhere known as hasheesh, hash oil or even hemps from hemp sativa. The hemp works can be found anyplace in the universe since it grows like a wild works in tropical and temperamental countries. This implies that hemp is favourable for seting in any climatic status. To obtain marihuana, the foliages of the hemp works have to be dried so as to be smoked by its users. Marijuana can be besides added to nutrient materials and eaten every bit good as being boiled and assorted with soft drinks for taking. The latter is applicable in countries where marihuana is strongly prohibited around the universe.

Marijuana is used by people so as to see a sense of relaxation that is normally referred to as ‘high ‘ or a feeling of euphory. The usage of marihuana makes the consumers of this substance to see a alteration in their temper every bit good as a alteration in the manner they perceive their environment. Marijuana is besides said to hold inauspicious effects in the manner a individual thinks about his or her life. This is the ground as to why most states around the Earth term the substance to be illicit. ( Earlywine 25 )

Marijuana otherwise, has different effects on different people with regard to their personality type and their behaviour. For case, soundless and polite people end up being chatty after the ingestion of marihuana. To some people, they experience sleepiness, feeling of good being and even increased appetency. In the long tally, marihuana can be unsafe in the sense that it can take to increased hazards of the bosom and respiratory diseases, it leads to a decrease in memory and the ability to larn, and it besides majorly leads to decreased decrease in the ability to analyze, work and even concentrate where necessary.

Otherwise, marihuana is considered to be medicative hence, the rise of term ‘medical marihuana ‘ . This is because there are people around the universe with extremely serious instances of illness that seldom respond to any signifier of intervention besides marihuana. In most instances, marihuana is ever a good and effectual option to analgesics in infirmaries, and it is elsewhere used to make away with serious conditions and symptoms of diseases such as malignant neoplastic disease, AIDS, and glaucoma. This paper seeks to demo an statement about the legalisation of marihuana in the United States, the effects of legalising marihuana on civilization, faith and societal set up of Americans as a whole. The paper besides shows who the chief protagonists of legal policy of marihuanas are and the chief adversaries of the policy in the United States.

From a record of polls done in four different decennaries, the latest shows that bulk of Americans are in favour of legalising marihuana in the state hence coercing the authorities to develop policies in favour of the supposed tough substance. This is determined from a national study from which 52 % of Americans are in favour of legalising of marihuana while merely 45 % of the American population is against the legalisation of the drug in the state. With relation to the early 1960ss where merely 12 % of the American population was in favour of marihuana and 84 % were against the legalisation of the substance, it can be seen that the support for legalising marihuana has gained celebrity among most Americans. This support is chiefly supported by millennials, which means the immature people born as from 1980 and are aged between 18 old ages and 30 two old ages. ( Rosenthal and Kubby 67 )

From this study, it is reasonable to reason that the rate and per centum at which Americans consume marihuana additions on a day-to-day footing hence the drastic alteration in the policy after few decennaries. Except for the coevals of people aged 65 old ages and supra, 48 % of the people below that age group have tasted and tried utilizing marihuana. This statistic gives a 10 per centum rise in the figure of Americans who had tried marijuana a decennary ago. Thos means that at least one out of every 10 Americans has tasted marihuanas in the last decennary, but this comes with a difference in the age bracket. At least 28 % of Americans aged below 30 old ages have tried marihuana in the last one twelvemonth, and this is about the ternary per centum of the people that have tried marihuanas in any other age group.

The people who have used marihuanas in the past one twelvemonth have different grounds for taking the substance. 47 % of Americans who have used marihuanas say they tried it merely for merriment, 30 % of the population that have used the substance tried it on medicative intents while 23 % of the users used it for both medicative grounds and for merriment every bit good. These different grounds have led to a rule alteration in attitude about marihuana. In the last decennary, the perceptual experience of utilizing marihuana as being morally upright has risen from 35 % to 50 % among Americans.

Even though the American B authorities says that implementing marihuana as legal is rather dearly-won, approximately three one-fourth of the American population say that these claims by the authorities are true since, to them implementing Torahs in favour of marihuana is more dearly-won that the value of the drug. In visible radiation of this statement, two provinces among American provinces legalized the usage of marihuana, and as such the authorities in America is prohibited but 60 % Americans to implement Torahs against marihuana in provinces that legalize the ingestion of the drug. Voters form Colorado and Washington as provinces voted in favour of utilizing marihuana as a recreational substance.

The differences over the legalisation of this drug as morally incorrect are really partizan with highly negligible differences between the positions of the republicans and the positions of the democrats. 57 % of republicans every bit good as 59 % of Democrats argue that the authorities should implement Torahs against marihuana in the provinces that legalized its usage. They besides argue that it is non deserving the cost for the authorities to implement Torahs against the usage of marihuana in America.

As of June 2012, several provinces in America had passed jurisprudence to legalise the usage of marihuana among its citizens. 17 provinces had passed the jurisprudence by this clip and several other provinces were presenting enterprises at this clip to assist in legalising marihuana as a recreational substance. ( Morgan 138 ) The argument on legalising marihuana in America is heated because the population size that supports the legalisation of the substances has their statement in favour while the population opposing the legalisation of the substance has their statements against its usage. This therefore means that the argument has both positive and negative sides to it, which can be defined as the advantages of legalising marihuana and the disadvantages of legalising marihuana in America.

With ground to societal apparatus, the people prefering the legalisation of marijuana argue that any Torahs set up by the authorities to forbid marihuanas are interfering with an person ‘s freedom of pick. This means that harmonizing to the society, a individual has the right to take how he lives and spends his life which includes the ingestion of marihuana. Any individual or organic structure that interferes with his pick is non making the single any justness ; hence marihuana should be legalized for the free life style and pick.

Another ground as to why marihuana should be legalized is because, it has no major difference with baccy and intoxicant in footings of injury, but the latter are legal and are widely used. It is hence sensible for the United States nutrient and drug disposal to modulate the maltreatment of marihuana s it regulates the usage of intoxicant and baccy. Bottom line is that marihuana should every bit be legalized with the same policies that govern the ingestion of intoxicant and baccy. In add-on, marihuana has proven to be of aid medically, and if the authorities should forbid its ingestion some deathly diseases will be on the rise. This means that the authorities should let the usage of marihuana on medical footings if non for diversion intents. It is besides argued that the degree of offense in America and Mexico is increased annually due to smuggling of marihuana across boundary lines ; hence the legalisation of the drug will assist in cut downing the degree of these condemnable activities since the drug will be easy available to its consumers. ( Caulkins 200 )

With regard to jurisprudence enforcement, marihuana should be legalized because the resources of the condemnable justness system can be used elsewhere other than on condemnable instances related to marijuana. This is based on the national statistics where a big per centum of apprehensions made were related to possessing marihuanas and non treating or selling the drug. Legalizing marihuana will assist the province prisons and tribunal to be used in other manner and non for victims of marihuana. Punishment for marihuana in most instances involves heavy responsibilities that may impact the life of the young persons involved socially in a negative manner. The authorities is hence advised to legalise marihuanas so as to assist in doing the lives of the young person to be more utile.

With regard to financial policy, marihuana is one of America ‘s top merchandising merchandises in the agricultural sector. This means that legalising its ingestion will gain the state more gross from the sector than it is gaining at the present. Export of the drug will otherwise earn more grosss from the revenue enhancements and duties imposed on importing states across the universe.

There are disadvantages that besides reason against the usage of marihuana in America from the opposing side of the argument. These grounds are based on the societal set up and the jurisprudence enforcement set up. With regard to societal grounds, marihuanas should non be legalized because, harmonizing to some Americans, the consumption of marihuana affects the morality of the people because marihuana is associated with immorality. It is besides argued that if marihuana is used for a long term, it will impact the wellness of a individual every bit good as his or her well being. This affects most people even those who are non tobacco users of marihuana, therefore the general smoke and usage of marihuana should be prohibited for being unsafe to most people both straight and indirectly.

With regard to jurisprudence enforcement, the resistance for legalising marijuana argue that most people who make usage of marihuanas are bound to be portion of other offenses therefore doing the state a unsafe topographic point to populate in. marihuana should be hence be prohibited on term that it will increase the rate of offense in America. The jurisprudence enforcement units should besides be liberated from the fact that they are in support of drug maltreatment, therefore marihuana should be prohibited for justness to predominate in the jurisprudence.

From the study done, it is clear that even Christians support the legalisation of marihuana in America. This is shown by the fact that bulk of the immature Christians aged between 19 and 20 nine are in favour of legalisation marihuana in America. Equally much as most spiritual Americans are opposing the argument, it is clear that there is a bend in the way of the belief since the issue is altering evidences in churches. This is because 52 % of the immature Christians say they are all right with smoking marihuana, and this is a per centum every bit good as the figure of Christians that have smoked marihuanas.

With regard the statements in the argument of both parties in favour of legalising marihuana and those against marihuanas, it can be said that other broad democracies around the universe have a right to do their determination about the ingestion of marihuana. The Torahs impacting America should non be of any consequence to other democracies since the American authorities is required to decrease its Torahs on marihuana in the provinces that have legalized its usage.

In decision, marihuana is a drug from hemp and it can be consumed by smoke, imbibing and even in nutrients. This drug nevertheless has different impacts on the American society with a day-to-day alteration of attitude towards its ingestion. The alteration in attitude affects every American even those in the spiritual scene hence, taking to a het argument as to whether it should be legalized or non. From the statistics of the recent study, it is clear that the attitude of Americans towards marihuana is altering positively and with clip the govern cyberspace will be forced to govern in favour of the bulk about marihuana.

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