Legal Actiobn toys vs Amazon Essay

1. Based on my research and besides from reading the instance for each conpany ; s statements that Toys “R” Us felt that there was a breach of contract because of Amazon. com took on another party to sell playthings and Toys “R” Us felt that they were exclusive 3rd party for this. They felt like the contract was breach besides because Amazon. com did non follow the understanding. But Amazon. com felt that Toys “R” Us breach contract because they could non maintain up with the demand of supplies and the degrees of the demand. They felt this because Toys “R” Us could non maintain merchandises in stocks particularly during the vacations. The justice opinion stating that both parties breach the understanding and stating that neither parties will acquire nil is adqueate. In mhy sentiment. I would hold besides end the understanding and non present any amendss to either party because I feel that they both the understanding and they both were incorrect.

2. I feel the lineation for the advantages and disadvantages that Amazon. com would hold considered before doing any understanding with Toys “R” Us would be they would hold checked to see if they can maintain up with the demand of the clients and to do certain that they can hold all the merchandises in stock every bit good. I believe that an advantage was that Toys R” Us knew a batch about the Toy Marketing and what clients wanted. I besides think that another advantage would be that Amazon. com was acquiring a per centum of the gross revenues. I do experience that if Amazon. com had any uncertainties that they should hold waited and done more research into Toys “R” Us. I besides think that Amazon. com was confident and did non hold any jobs with traveling into an understanding with them. but if they knew that they were sing other Merchantss. that Amazon. com should hold let Toys “R” Us cognize before signing understanding. so they could work a better trade with them.

3. Some recommendations that I would hold made to Amazon. com that would hold benefited both companies would be is that they should hold looked at the gross revenues that was coming in. I besides would hold besides told them that they did to measure what Toys “R” Us would hold lost every bit good non merely them. I would hold hold agreed to half what was able asked alternatively of what they pay. I would hold besides said possibly we can give it another shooting and see what Toys “R” Us wanted when it comes to other merchandisers that was selling plaything every bit good. They likely could hold come up with a better understanding. Possibly include that they could hold gotten a better trade with working along side with the other merchandisers and possibly the net incomes would hold been better.

4. I would hold kept it traveling because since was extremely successful shoe retail merchant. It could hold benefited Amazon. com a batch. This manner that it could hold brought money that was being lost when the understanding was terminated with Toys “R” Us. I would hold kept the signifier becaise it was good thought out and it was making so good. Amazon. com could hold done a batch with Zappos and that it could hold brought more clients and that it could hold been a immense net income in. I know for me if I would hold brought Zappos that I would hold made certain that Zappos would remain running and that my clients would cognize that there was a topographic point for them to shop at to acquire places from. I besides feel that it could hold benefit from Amazon. com. Amazon. com could hold showed the individual or individuals who was running it ways to break it. if Amazon. com felt that the signifier was non good. This would hold been good for both.

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