Lee Harvey Oswald Essay

Oswald was born in New Orleans on October 18. 1939. to Robert Edward Lee Oswald. Sr. and Marguerite Frances Clavier. Oswald had two older siblings. Brother Robert Edward Lee Oswald. Jr. and half-brother John Edward Pic. Oswald’s male parent died anterior to Oswald’s birth. oxeye daisy raised her boies entirely. On may 7. 1945 ; his female parent married Edwin Adolph Ekdah in Fort Worth. Texas. As a kid. Oswald was withdrawn and temperamental. In grand 1952. while populating with half-brother John Pic. at the clip a U. S. coastguardsman stationed in New York City. Oswald and marguerite were asked to go forth after Oswald allegedly threatened Pic’s married woman with a knife and struck their female parent. oxeye daisy.

Charges of hooky. led to psychiatric appraisal at a juvenile reform school. The head-shrinker. Dr. Renatus Hartogs. described Oswald’s “vivid fantasy life turning around the subjects of omnipotence and power. through which he tries to counterbalance for his present defects and defeats. Finding a “personality form perturbation with schizophrenic characteristics and passive-aggressive inclinations. ” Dr. Hartogs recommended continued intervention. However. in January 1954. Oswald’s female parent returned with him to New Orleans. At the clip. there was a inquiry pending before a New York justice as to endure Oswald should be removed from the attention of his female parent to complete his schooling. although his behaviour appeared to better during his last months in New York. In New Orleans. in October 1955. Oswald’s left the 10th class after one month.

He worked as an office clerk or courier around New Orleans. instead than go to school. Planing for his hitch. the household returned to Fort Worth in July 1956. and he re-enrolled in 10th class for the September session. but quit in October to fall in the Mariness. he ne’er received a high school sheepskin. By the age of 17. he had resided at 22 different locations and attended 12 different schools. Oswald enlisted in the united provinces marine corps on October 24. 1956. merely after his seventeenth birthday. e adored his older brother Robert. Enlistment may besides hold been an flight from Oswalds overbearing female parent. Oswalds primary preparation was a radio detection and ranging operator. a place necessitating a security clearance.

A 1957 papers provinces that he was “granted concluding clearance to manage classified affair up to and including confidential. afer careful cheque of local recorda had disclosed no derogative informations. “in the aircraft control and warning operator class. he finished seventh in a category of 30. he class included direction in aircraft surveillance and the usage of radio detection and ranging. ” He was assigned foremost to marine corps air station el toro in July 1957. so to naval air installation atsugi in Japan in September as portion of marine air control squadron 1. Like all Mariness. Oswald was trained and tested in riflery. hiting 212 in December 1956 ( somewhat above the lower limit for making as a sharpshooter ) but in may 1959 hiting merely 191 ( barly gaining the lower

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