Lecture 13: Social Marketing

What is social marketing?
the use of commercial marketing techniques to help in acquisition of a behavior that is beneficial for the health of a target population
Where is social marketing popular?
governmental sector and the non-for-profit in the US
What are some important applications the social marketing?
– family planning
– recruiting blood donors
– infant mortality reduction by oral rehydration
– smoking prevention in adolescents
How has the health communication field changed over the years?
from one dimensional to a multifaceted approach
What is the goal of focusing on the consumer?
– learning to listen to the needs and desires of the target audience themselves
What does focusing on the consumer involve?
– in-depth research and constant reevelauation of every aspect of the program
What forms the cornerstone of the social marketing process?
– research and evaluation
What is the difference between social marketing and commercial marketing?
social: complex concept but less effective than commercial
– aims to influence and benefit target audience ideas and behavior
What is the purpose of commercial and social marketing?
com: making profits
soc: making change for social change
What is the expectations of commercial and social marketing?
com: modest
soc: demanding
What is the scrutiny with commercial and social marketing?
com: usually done in private sector
soc: done from a variety of sources
What is the novelty of commercial and social marketing?
com: usually selling a known product
soc: sometimes selling an idea that is totally new
What is the education level of the audience of commercial and social marketing?
com: variable and includes different sections
soc: usually vulnerable sections with low efficacy
What is the distasteful behavior of commercial and social marketing?
com: usually caters to what public likes
soc: cater to what people do not want to change
What is the involvement between the marketer and public of commercial and social marketing?
com: less
soc: often very high
What is the benefits of commercial and social marketing?
com: clear profits
soc: often visible
What are the third parties of commercial and social marketing?
com: direct benefits to people using the product
soc: often the benefits are the 3rd party such as poor people
What are the self-rewards for commercial and social marketing?
com: usually external (discount)
soc: usually internal or self rewards
What are the budgets for commercial and social marketing?
com: generous
soc: limited
What is the funding for commercial and social marketing?
com: usually private
soc: usually government/nonprofit
What are the choices of products for commercial and social marketing?
com: numerous
soc: limited
Programs are more effective if they are based on…
an understanding of the target audiences own perceptions of the target audiences own perceptions of the proposed change
What should they do about the audience?
should be split up into segment
What is audience segmentation?
distinct groups of people who are similar to each other in different characteristics and respond to messages in the similar way
What are some things that groups can be segmented by?
– geographic factors
– demographic factors
– medical history factors
– personality characteristics
– attitudinal factors
– behavioral factors
Consumer orientation determines what?
– perceptions
– needs
– wants of target markets
How is consumer orientation satisfied?
– design
– communication
– pricing
– delivery of appropriate, competitive and visible offerings
How is consumer orientation driven?
consumer driven not expert driven
What is the exchange theory?
the transfer or transaction of something valuable between two individuals or groups
What does the exchange theory occur between?
marketing organization and members of the target audience
What do people exchange?
perceived benefits; looking for fulfillment and self interest
What are the four P’s of social marketing?
– Product
– Price
– Place
– Promotion
What does Product include?
includes behavior that is being promoted and the benefits that go along with it
What are 3 characteristics of the product?
– create a product that is enticing
– must have a perceived problem that they need to fix
– research discovers the consumers perceptions of the problem and product
What is the product?
the right kind of behavioral change
What is price?
an exchange of benefits and costs
What kind of marketing tries to steer the existing patterns and behaviors in a certain direction?
commercial marketing
What are some ways to minimize the perceived price to the target audience?
– time
– money
– effort
– comfort
– inconvenience
What does the place do?
make the new behavior easy to do
What are some characteristics of the place?
– making it accessible and convenient
– describes where the audience will perform the behavior
– fits the lifestyle
What does tangible vs intangible products determine?
the place
What are tangible products?
distribution system, where it is sold or the place where it is given out for free
What are intangible products?
the channels that reach consumers with information or training (doctors offices, shopping malls; how to ensure accessibility of the offering and quality of the service delivery
What is promotion?
delivering the message to the audience
What are some characteristics of promotion?
– how the practitioner notifies the target of the product
– notifies the benefits, cost and convenience
– exchange opportunity with creativity and through channels that maximize desired responses
What is the most important vehicle for creating awareness of social products?
mass media
What changes the effectiveness of the communication/product?
– channels should be ones that the target comes in contact with on a regular basis
– perceived as being credible
– must be a familiar medium
What is important about the person representing the product?
– target feels a personal connection, taken seriously and has their respect
– training is important
What other channels can be used for social marketing?
– local fairs and events
– PSAs
– can vary based on audience and $
What is the point of the 4 Ps?
-marketplace is changing so the program needs to be regularly monitored and managed to alter that
– looks for the optimal marketing mix that produces a timely exchange
The 4 P’s look for the optimal marketing mix that produces a timely exchange that….
heightens benefits, reduces barriers, and offers a better choice than the competition
What are some additional social marketing Ps?
– publics: primary and secondary audiences
– partnership: collaboration with multiple partners
– policy: creating environmental supports
– purse strings: amount of money available for campaign
What are barriers?
– factors that discourage people from taking an action they would otherwise do
– to gain widespread adoption, common barriers to doing the action must first be removed
Overcoming obstacles to see the advantages depends on …
– clarity of the message
– sensitivity to target groups concern
– cultural considerations
– plausibility
What are some types of obstacles?
– nature of the produce
– social bias and censure
– fear of side effects, complications
How can we make desired actions more attractive?
– reduce price
– expand distribution
– inform consumers
– redefining actions
Social marketing is a
What are the different steps of the social marketing wheel?
1. planning/strategy
2. selecting channels/materials
3. developing materials/preventing
4. implementation
5. assessing effective
6. feedback refine program
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