Learning Process

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A. LEARNING1. Definition, Condition and Nature of learning Learning holds the central theme of educational psychology, which is an understanding of how students learn and the conditions under they learn. Learning involves mental activities by means of which knowledge and skills are acquired, retained, and utilized. Learning always implies that a change or modification has been produced in responses, reaction, thoughts, conduct or attitude of the learner. Learning process is dynamic, progressive, purposive, gradual will and conscious in nature. The process is mainly dependent of state of readiness attained by the learner. However, interest of the learner motivation by the teacher is very important. With respect to learning, several experts of the field have expressed learning in a following manner:a. Change in behavior influenced by previous behavior acquiring new forms of thinking, feelings and skill etc. (Skinner)b. Continuous interaction of the organisms with its environment (Cole and Bruce)c. Active process resulting in acquiring habits, knowledge and attitudes (Crow & Crow).d. Strengthening or weakening of the old behavior pattern as the result of experience (Smith).e. Acquiring change in behavior as a result of experience (Wany).f. Alteration in the behavior appearing due to an activity. (Woodworth) g. Process by which behaviour is organized through practice (Kingsley & Garry).2. Basing on observation and thoughts cited by various authorities we could say that learning is modification in behaviour of the learner occurring with the help of experience and training. The change to be observed becomes evident in the personality of the learner in various forms of skills, conceptual attributes and values. 3. Types of learning There are four major types of learning which include the principal activities of the institution. Activities resulting in knowledge as outcome are rational…

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